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Starting again, after 2 years or so!


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey everyone :)

Not been on CD for a long time! But i'm booked in to start from the 12th, I'm glad to say I haven't put it all back on but have put on 1 stone. So that's my goal, 1 stone loss!

I can't, however, cope with SS again so will be following another plan that involves 2 shakes at the most...

Love the 100% forum, hearing that people are cheating kinda makes it seem ok to do it yourself and I dont want to get into that way of thinking again :rolleyes:

Glad to be back amongst you all :D
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Hi Nessie

I'm sure that stone will go in no time. Good luck with it


Loooooves MiniMins
Thanks Setas :) Looking forward to feeling better in myself, healthier :D

You've done so well! Well done, keep up the good work!

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Hey Nessie :)

Just thought i'd come say 'hi' on the thread and reintroduce myself to everyone else!

3 years ago I dropped 4 stone on CD, and until recently kept 3 stone of it off. With one thing and another and now post xmas bulge i have now only kept 2.5 stone off :mad:

However that is all about to change again :D.... SS'ing again from 1.1.2011 to get back where i belong!!

No doubt we'll be on Minimins a fair old bit in the coming weeks - it was definitely an integral part of me dropping the weight in the first place, with all the support and advice around here :thankyou:

Catch you about hun xx


Loooooves MiniMins
Well said K :)) We did it before and we can do it again! And credit to us for only putting on a small part of what we lost over such a long time too, it could have been disaterous....but wasnt! The thought of heading right back to where it all began is, quite frankly, SCARY.... which is the precise reason we've shaken sense into ourselves at this stage :D

Ahhhh being back at MiniMins is like relaxing into a Lemsip couch :D
you've done really well keeping most of it off. it's hard work keeping it off, more so than getting it off. i hate hearing about cheating as i just don't understand. the diet is all or nothing really cause of ketosis. i'm feeling the pain as i'm back on the 810 as of wed so day 3 now and trying to get back into ketosis is a killer.... so hungry!


Loooooves MiniMins
you've done really well keeping most of it off. it's hard work keeping it off, more so than getting it off. i hate hearing about cheating as i just don't understand. the diet is all or nothing really cause of ketosis. i'm feeling the pain as i'm back on the 810 as of wed so day 3 now and trying to get back into ketosis is a killer.... so hungry!
Hey :) Wow you've been doing really well I see :D I'm out of touch with the plans now, need to have a chat with CDC on 11th to decide which one I'm going on. Preferably a plan with just 2 shakes a day... Not sure which one that is? Maybe it's worth while doing ss for the first week?

You should be in ketosis now? I'm going to have to get back into drinking lots of water again too! :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: How much water/fluids are you managing in a day?

ness x
Hi everyone! :)

Ive restarted today on ss after putting over 2st of the 5.5 st I lost on CD in 2009.:cry:
I'm feeling MASSIVE and can't fit in any clothes so really want to do this. Can't wait for that empty tummy feeling I used to have on CD last time instead of this horrid bloated feeling I have now.

I think I'll be on here alot looking for support and inspiration of which there seems to be loads! :eek:

Good luck everyone and keep drinking loads of water its the key!


Loooooves MiniMins
Hi Rachele :)

I'm looking forward to losing the bloated feeling too!! Clothes don't fit but have no choice but to wear them, which makes you feel even bigger than you are!! I'm officially starting on the 11th but until then I'm taking it easy with what I eat etc. I was thinking of just buying 2 shakes a day but I'm thinking I could do with SS for atleast 3 weeks, give me a bloody gd detox and a fantastic start! One of the reasons I was thinking of the 2 shakes was mostly because of money. But, now I realise that to do it with just the 2 would take me longer to shift the weight, therefore, costing more money... So SS it is :) See what CDC says.

Here's to us making a fresh and healthy start to the year :D
Hi nessie! :)

SS does seem expensive but if that's all you're having plus the water I bet it won't cost anymores than 2 shakes and some food?! Also with ss you definitely stay in ketosis so the real hunger goes which is the bit I like. I'm sticking to 3 tetras a day (hopefully!) and loads of water cos don't drink tea and coffee. Day 2 today and have a headache but it'll soon pass I hope.

Good luck ;)


Loooooves MiniMins
Oh yeah the headaches during detox, atleast it IS a good sign that you're body is getting rid of all that rubbish eh :D

I've booked in for tomorrow now so will be starting from then :D Silly to wait until the 11th really.

Day 3 tomorrow for you and should be in ketosis, congrats :) So glad to be back at Mini's, what a help!

Keep up the good work! x
Hi Girls,

Hope you don't mind me popping over here. I'm on day 3 of celebrity slim, its not really bothering me but I am finding it hard to drink the water!

Anyway I wanted to know how the Cambridge Diet works, when I was pg I always had +++keytones in my urine is that what this ketosis is? I was so sick and dehydrated! but I never put on a lb whilst pg I lost weight! but unfortunately as soon as I gave birth I could eat and put on weight like no ones business. Would this happen if I did the CD?

Thanks, Twingirl.
I think CD is such a great way to deal with the weight difficulties anyone can get in life. Think it's pretty amazing you only have one stone to lose - good on you!! Have just restarted with massive determination to get it done, once and for all! I lost 2st on CD about 3 yrs ago then stopped paying attention and put all and more on (arghh) now have had enough mucking around!
Good luck!


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey Lyds, I was weighed today and lost 2lb, which is exactly what I was hoping for :D I've bought mostly porridge and strawberry shakes to do me for breakfast and lunch and just going to have a healthy meal for tea. The shakes also make me drink water so that's good!

Determination is the key! You did it before, no reason why you won't do it again now! I lost 2.5 stones 2-3 years ago and am really pleased I've caught myself now and stopped the gain increasing.



Loooooves MiniMins
Thanks Ruby :D Been doing my own thing this first week so I'm really pleased with 2lb! Week 2 begins....


Loooooves MiniMins
Ah well done that's great!! Ah I can't wait to be 10st something :)
I stick to the bricks (choc) and have a bit of protein, chicken in the evenings. And am gyming it too..
Why is drinking the water always so difficult?!
I've never liked the bricks, some people freeze them don't they? Yeah drinking the water is a chore and a half lol but I do feel better from it, and get lots of exercise running up and down the stairs he he ;) I'm on day two of week 2 and doing ok so far :) Sticking to the porridge and strawberry for brekkie and lunch and a light healthy meal for dinner :D

Keep up the good work :) Have you just started?
Hiya Nessie - yeah started a week tomorrow - and it's going well - sometimes you just find yourself in the zone :)
I have frozen them - they are quite yummy like ice cream - i cant deal with the porridge.. or making the shakes up - used to but just dont have the time and find excuses not to have the shake and eat bad so with bricks no excuses!! sounds like your doing really well!
Have you tried the mint choc bars? YUM!! hehe
First Time trying CD

Hi All
Well, after doing Lipotrim in 2009 and losing 3 stone (and then putting it all back on again when my mum died last year) I am about to embark on CD for the first time. I feel really motivated and am determined to lose the weight and keep it off for good (I know everyone probably says that at one time or another. So, I start next Friday and am spending this week getting ready really. Any hints or tips for the flavours would be really welcome. Thanks all and good luck to everyone xx:D:D

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