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Starting again Nov 17

DAY 1 on Plan

Hello if your reading this....
the last time I posted on here was 4 weeks before my wedding in August this year (2017) I lost some of the weight I wanted to loose, my dress fitted and the day was beyond amazing. We are now 2 months after and I have gained at least a stone of the weight I lost from the first time I came across this site in 2013 I think. If my diaries are still active they are diary of a hidden thin girl.

I initially started on minimins as a 'do it from home alone' slimming worlder....I lost an incredible 4 stone dropping from 15:5 to 11:5 but I never actually got to my target weight of 11 stone.

Today I weigh in at 12:10 (I think) or there about. I am still on my journey and I am going to try to use today which is the 1 Nov 2017 to start again and get to target.

I did join a group in the run up to the wedding, but to be honest I ended up weighing more and paying a fiver a week with no outcome....so I am going to go it alone again, with the use of here, instagram, FB and the books I have and save my fiver a week for a beauty treatment at the end of each successful month.

If your on the same journey, with the same struggles come and say hello, maybe we can do this together.

Starting with todays food

Baked oats made with egg, muller light served with banana, satsuma, muller light yogurt
coffee with skimmed UHT milk

SW quiche made with fat free cottage cheese, 2 eggs, sweetcorn, tomato, tuna served with salad greens
satsuma, kiwi, muller light yogurt

not yet decided as I am running tonight with the club I run with, will update later

update: Jacket potato (no butter) tuna, corn with lower than low mayo (tsp) lambs lettuce, spring onions and yellow pepper.

I had one of those muller light kremer yougurts, nice for a change but 1 syn (not sure they are worth it!!)
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I am working from home today which is always quite dodgy with my eating but I have something prepared in the fridge for my lunch and have plenty of fruit and yogurts to keep me going. Tonight is also my running club night, 2 years ago when I had lost the bulk of my weight 15:5 down to 11:4 I took up running with my brother, he lasted a couple of weeks but I kept going initially alone then just over a year ago with a running club. Since running I have put on a stone initially (apparently this is normal..go figure...lol) then another half stone after wedding and relaxing into married life.
I always find Monday's and Thursdays food hard as I don't eat before running then it's really late when I get home and then I can't be bothered to eat even if its prepared.

Anyways food so far today

Overnight oats (HEB) made with Muller light yogurt with Kiwi fruit topping
satsuma and banana as mid morning snack
2 coffee with skimmed UHT milk (HEA)

Lunch is left overs
SW quiche with salad and beetroot
if I'm still hungry Jacket potato (frozen 1/2 syn) with baked beans and salad

Dinner (planned)
5% pork mince bolognaise with extra speedy vegetables with either spaghetti or pasta
DAY 3 - 3 Nov 17

Woke up this morning feeling really motivated in this 'back on the slimming world plan' We are going to our local bonfire tonight so dinner could well be SW chicken chasseur cooked in the slow cooker for when we get back

Baked oats I added an extra egg in this batch and it made me an extra oat cake so I had 2 at breakfast and will save the others to eat throughout the day. I served with kiwi fruit and 1/2 a banana and half a muller light yogurt.

Lunch is planned
left over bolognaise from last night with spaghetti or pasta - changed my mind and had
Jacket potato, ham, 30% less fat cheese, salad and beetroot

other half of muller light, 1 baked oats muffin (2 left for supper), apple with cinnamon and 1/2 tsp of freedom choc shot 1/2 a syn I think

Dinner is planned
chicken chasseur with vegetables for speed - currently in the slow cooker
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I am so serious this time around i've just portioned out some kettle chips and tortilla chips that I bought last week into 25g portions bags. I've also been through my cupboards and syn valued all of my foods that are not free. :innocent002:
DAY 4 - 4 Nov 17

Let myself down this morning, set my alarm to get up for park run with all good intentions, but then this morning when it went off I pressed off and fell back asleep....so instead we went to Wilmslow....hmm not really the same lol.

Baked oats again, made 5 but had 2 served with kiwi, half banana and satsuma and fat free fromage frais I added a tsp of freedom choc shot to the mixture and it was lovely and chocolatie for either 1/2 or 1 syn

Lunch just cooking
Jacket potato, ham, cheese (30%lower fat) cucumber, tomato and pepper (no lettuce in yet) and an orange

Left over chicken chasseur from last nights dinner with new potatoes and some greens

To make the chicken chasseur
Chicken thighs (fat and bones removed) cut into pieces and fried in fry light
Tin tomatoes
Chicken stock pot
Herb stockpot
Smokey bacon cut into pieces all fat removed
Peppers (optional)
Tomato purée
I fried all off the. Chucked into slow cooker on high for approx 3 hr just to ensure chicken cooked
I would seriously demolish the whole bag if I didn't, it is the first time i've done it though and I had a portion last night, easily could have gone for another lol but didn't.
Day 5 and Day 6 - Sunday 5th Nov 17 & Monday 6th Nov 17

Yesterday was a totally lazy morning, I didn't roll out of bed until 10am (usually 9am). Andy made us all breakfast while I lazed around until we went out for a short walk along the canal then into a christmas grotto at Bottany Bay. The rest of the day was just chores and tv.

Breakfast (Sunday)
Bacon, 2 eggs, beans, tomato, 1 slice crustless wholemeal toast

other 2 slices of crustless wholemeal toast with mackerel fillets

Roast chicken (no skin) SW roast potato and parsnip, sprouts, broccoli, carrot & swede mash (no butter) and some roast squash with a dash of gravy for syns

1 portion of tortilla chips 6 syns
1 mini chocolate roll 6 syns

Monday so far

Porridge with semi milk and water

Heinz Ravioli 400g tin 3 syns
left over SW roast potatoes and parsnips
2 satsuma's

Dinner - running tonight so a late dinner, not sure what i'm having as it's about 21:30 when I get home so maybe an omelette with a sprinkle of 30% less fat cheese
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DAY 7 - 7 Nov 17

Was out early for work this morning, ate breakfast when I got there, nipped to Tesco on my way home at lunchtime as I needed a new pair of work pants, 16’s are feeling too snug, I bought some with a bit of stretch in them but I so desperately want to have the slack 16’s

Overnight oats made with muller light
1 coffee

Bacon & egg wholemeal barm with ketchup (7)
Banana and grapes
Muller Greek fat free yogurt
Mini choc roll (6)

Stir fry chicken with noodles

It’s weigh in day in the morning, I’m praying for a loss, I’ve been on plan 100% I haven’t gone over the weekly syn allowance So no reason not to lose this week.
DAY 8 - 8 Nov 17

Weigh in Day - I have to say I'm a tad disappointed...yes I did lose weight after being 100% on plan all week and my first proper week of doing it in ages, But I only lost 1lb...OK I know it's a loss, and I know slow and steady is better than massive losses you can't maintain and usually I'd be happy with that but for a first 100% in a long time you'd expect a few pounds more.
I've had plenty of speed foods with my meals, I've eaten normal portions and not eaten far too much even of the right foods. I've not gone over my syns and I've not deprived my self so why only a measly little pound....grrrr....plus I run twice a week and walk out at weekends.....

OK my little rant is over, I am going to go into week 2 with a positive mental attitude, I will remain on plan as I so want my clothes to fit better, my aches and pains to reduce, my running to improve, my health to be on point and get to my target weight.

So today's food is so far

2 baked oat cakes (made 5) you know the recepie, served with satsuma, apple, grapes, banana and kiwi, dash of fat free fromage frais and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
DFC0E1E2-337F-4BC5-803D-EAC9AB0144D9.jpeg CB000C2F-7146-40C6-AFC8-D1C7E8960C8E.jpeg My breakfast and lunch today
Breakfast was obvious the soup is the slimming world from Iceland Tuscany and bean one. It was good after I seasoned it. I find all the slimming world from Iceland meals lacking and some of them totally inedible. Makes you wonder who actually tests them. I totally recommend the chorizo soup from SW Iceland it has to be my favourite. I also have the pea and mint in the freezer, I hope that one is nice and edible lol.


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Hi! just wanted to say hello and wish you all the best. Your food looks lovely! I know you're a bit disappointed with your pound loss but don't be! A loss is a loss :)
Hi Mrs scandude how are you getting on? X
DAY 9 - 9 Nov 17

Up and out early this morning to Lancaster for work, took my breakfast with me to eat when I got there. Working from home this afternoon so food is easy to organise but I was starving when I got in.

Last nights tea was yummy too, I made a chicken curry from the mayflower curry powder, 28g is 4 syns and totally worth it for an occasional dinner. Speed was added spinach and mushrooms and peas were free.

Today’s food so far no pics today though.

Overnight oats made with muller light

Wholemeal Roll (6syns) bacon and egg with 1/2 tsp HP
Apple, grapes, kiwi, satsuma fruit salad

Running tonight so will eat late but I have a braising steak, onion and potato casserole cooking as we type. Will add extra veg to my plate too.

Hope you are all on track and doing well x
A bit hit and miss to be honest. Start each day with the best of intentions, then it all goes slowly downhill LOL
Sounds a lot like me lol....it’s hard to keep motivated x
Hi Denise, congrats on the amazing loss so far and best wishes for your continuing journey. And major congrats on getting married.
How do you make the baked oats, I'm getting tired of porridge.
A65B1CF4-85DB-4FC1-98E7-D6140362417F.jpeg CD0BEAE0-EB37-488B-AC57-D0E5EF614979.jpeg Baked oats is simple but trial and error

40g oats
2 eggs
1 pot muller light any flavour (freeones)
Mix all together
If you add fruit prior to cooking add syns for the amount

Portion into muffin tin makes about 5 (don’t over fill but don’t be skinny)
Baked for approx 20 min on 160 fan check your own oven may need longer or less time

Mine look like this

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