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Starting AGAIN tomorrow


Hi everyone- I have been regularly viewing the site- and I find it fab for inspiration tips motivation etc. I have decided to bite the bullet and do a food diary after a couple of bad weeks.:break_diet:
I joined SW in Jan have lost 9 lb with 1/2 lb up last week. I am doing extra easy.
I would ideally like to have 1st stone gone by 14th March - my baby's 3rd birthday.:eek:
I can do longer use the excuse that I just gave birth! :rolleyes:
Will post my diary this evening.
Thanks in advance-Sheila :)
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Ok - here it is today
2 Alpen light bars ( hex B)cup green coffee ( hex A milk)
cup green coffee
Dinner:Tomato and veg soup -home made
Roast lamb
Tea- Mug Shot- tomato and herb

0 syns so far............ but.... night time picking is one of my down falls- so hopefully I won't be adding to this tomorrow....... I really want to be do want to be down at least 2lb Wed!!:vibes:
My "baby" started playschool this morning- so I managed a 3 mile walk:D
Foodwise I had
Breafast- Banana /ff yogurt
Lunch-2 Scrambled egg
Dinner- Mash potato, roast chicken, mixed veg and small bit gravy (2 syns )

I have a curly wurly in the freezer for later- 6 syns;)- ( 2 syns- only took a teeny bit of it!!)
Am away all day tomorrow- and it going to emotionally stressful- having assessment done on ds.
Sooooo I have to keep my ass out of Mickey D's tomorow:party0051: and out of the fridge tomorrow night......:eatdrink051:
Wish me luck..........
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Losin the baby weight :-)
Hi Sheila,

Good luck for weigh in tomorrow!

Hope you have managed to stay OUT of that fridge :p

Your meals are looking good so got my fingers crossed for a good resut for you tomorrow :D
Well just home from day out- had to get ds assessed for autism- anyway- he doesn't have it! It such relief as I was soo worried- so I have no excuse for ass in the fridgeitis!!!

Had a few curly fries in Mickey D's this evening- I ammmm afraid to think just how bad they are!!!!!!!! :wave_cry: Couldn't have 15 syns worth. Could i??!?!?!?!!??!?!

Thanks for the words of support Katepillar- we both seem to be near the same weight!!! Hope you doing well! When do you weigh in?

Will re edit todays diary- hopefully will have some loss- any loss tomorrow night!!


Hippety Hop!
Hi Sheila, Sorry to read about having to get your little one assessed but seems it turned out okay anyway. Very stressful time for you.

Hope your WI went well and wish you all the best in your future attempts to lose weight.

There are TWO things in life that are really hard, the first is to make up your mind what it is you want to do, BUT the second is the very hardest and that is to STICK to it!!

Go to it Girl!!..:)


Losin the baby weight :-)
Excellent news about your son - bet that is a load off your mind!

Well done for staying out of the fridge! Syn the chips and move on!

I weigh in on Monday's - stops me being REALLY bad over the weekends! (sometimes!) :rolleyes:

GOOD LUCK for weigh in :D
Thanks for the support girls
:D:D:D:D- 4 lb off tonight cant believe it!!
It great motivation to continue on the road to skinnyville.:stickdance:

Food for the day:
Breakfast: Mushroom Omlette
Lunch- Banana and ff yogurt
Dinner-garlic chicken and mushroom with rice ( 3 syns for mushroom soup and garlic light cheese)
Hi Fi bar - hea
bottle coors light or 2 to celebrate ;)- 9 syns

Will be harder the next couple of days I am in work and hav nothing organised.......yet?!!!!!!


Losin the baby weight :-)
:happy096: YAAAY to your 4lb loss!! That is FAB!!! Well done! You definitely deserved your celebratory drinks!!!

Skinnydom will be here before you know it :D
Quick post re today- am not very sociable on work nights....
Breakfast- hi fi bar and banana -hea
Lunch- fruit salad and ff yog
Dinner- bacon and cheese chicken-hea
SW smoked paprika chips- no veg - too tired to prep!!
Breakfast- none - never got break
Lunch- Fruit salad and 2 ff yog
Dinner- SW quiche - (about half a Hex with cheese in it)

BAD BAD BAD BAD.........GIRL!!!! :-(

Fell of the wagon in style - pity is I didn't injuire my mouth as I fell!!!!!!!!!!!
No point in going in to it but
Will start again tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Was so bad yesterday- if it wasn't nailed down and there was choclate in it - I ate it!! I would have sold me granny for junk yesterday........

So the plan is - they were flexi syns- and limited syns where possible until Wednesday!!!

And will have at least 12 miles walked by then - for my synning!!!!
Am sooo mad with myself:mad:

Plan for the day:

Fruit and ff yog

Lunch:- mugshot

Dinner: Don't know yet-Sis is cooking -but will I be good !! goulash and mash - I stayed at home- free

2 coors light 9

3 mile walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This morning i will walk- have been bold- need to move my ass...... Wuhu- walked 3 miles!!!
Breakfast- fruit and coffee
Lunch- hifi
Dinner- sw chips and sw quiche with loadsa veg!!!
Half pancake with nutella and ice cream - aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
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Weigh in tomorrow night and work tomorrow- so am not expecting any good news- wasnt good!!!! so..... will be lucky to stay the same- I seem to have one good week- one bad...... I seem to relax a bit too much after weight loss and then pay for my stupidity the following week......
up 1 lb last night!! Wasn' shocked by it!!!!Will have to work twice as hard next week!!!

food today:
Breakfast- coffee
lunch- mug shot
snack - sw quiche
dinner- steak and sw chips and mushrooms and onions

snack- hifi hex

syns- none so far........
Was good today
Breakfast - hifi
Lunch - noodles
Dinner- chicken casserole- 4 syns
coors light x 2- 9 syns
Am leaving the room in case another beers calls my name.....
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