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Starting again!!

Hi Y'all. Ive been on this forum a few times now and thought I'd keep my own diary. I have been to ww since the beginning of Jan and to date have lost 17 lb. I have also done SW in the past and although I was successful - I lost weight after both my children - I find this quite restricting since they changed it in 2003. I like the fact that on WW you can eat what you like. My favourite is chinese food and I save a few points and have a chow mein at the weekend.

My downfall is savoury foods especially crisps and sandwiches!

I am going on holiday to Majora in June and want to lose as much weight as possible by then. I'd like to be a size 14 again.

I have in the past reached my target weight, twice - after the birth of my children but each time the weight has crept back on. I think it is harder to maintain your weight than to lose it.

I'm not sure that I will post every day but will try to.
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Hi Joanne, welcome to the WW forums and great idea to do your diary on here! I find the support I get thru my diary really helps keep me going on bad days!!

WOW at 17lbs!! I have done it all month and only just lost 4! You are doing amazingly- whats your secret? Whats your daily points allowance if you dont mind me asking?

Hi Joanne, welcome to ww!

17lb!!...what an amazing loss you've had already!! You must be very determined, that really is a fantastic loss in such a short time - well done.


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Hi Joanne and welcome to the weight watchers forum (although we have posted each other before!)

17lbs is fab hunni and you will be a size 14 in no time!

Well what a day. Ive eaten all my points for today already and its only 4.30. (i'm actually at -2!) had curry, rice and nann for my tea. It was very nice but not very filling for the points. I think I would have been better with a jacket potato and some salad. Looks like and early night for me.:(:(:(
Well today is a new day :happy036:I ended up having a ham sandwich and a packet of crisps before bed!!. So ive had to adjust my points for the next few days. I worked out that if I reduce my points by 3 today and tomorrow I should be OK for Monday which is my wi. I've got my twin nephews to look after on Monday so its easy to diet as I dont have the time to eat - i should arrange to have them every day! Ha Ha. I do have them four days this week So on them days I should be ok.

Monday is a nightmare for me. My wi is not until 6.30pm so I tend to not eat a lot (in fact hardly anything) until then. And I spend most of the day running about. After school my youngest has a football lesson and my oldest goes kickbocking. I then have to rush to get to the other end of Mansfield in time for wi.

I know that I shouldn't but went on my scales this morning. My weight has stayed the same! I know that I have a couple more days yet but I do get dishartened when they show no loss.:cry:.

To make matters worse my sons will want to make my breakfast tomorrow morning and they will want to make me scrambled egg on toast. I can see it now the toast will be covered in marge and at 1.5 points per egg it will make for quite a high point breakfast. I think I will ask them for marmite on toast (with no marge) and hope that they not got me any chocolates.

Might have a WW ocean pie with veg for lunch and maybe a jacket potato for tea. Weekends are really hard as the kids are at home and they want to eat all day!!!

I know ive done really well so far and at the moment I feel a bit fed up. I'm finding it really hard not to break my diet:break_diet:.

Oh well, my shopping is being delivered from Tesco in a couple of hours and i put loads of salad and veg on it - lets hope I can stop on track.

:sign0163:please any words of wisdom???


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Joanne! i know what your saying! im having alot of wobbly days! ... have you got your food tracker? maybe take that to tesco and have a look at some new foods that you like and work out the points! have a change! ... Teco Light Choices are good and some are low points to! ... I sympathise about breaky in bed tomorow! I know ill be getting the same sorta thing! hopefully just toast tho LOL

Hope your having a lovely day so far! maybe go out for a walk blow the cobwebs away, the wind will certainly do that today lol ......... xxx
Got to wait in for my shopping this morning and then my son has a swimming lesson and then, off to visit my parents later. Might make an effort though and try and fit in a walk with the kids in between it all depending on the weather - is not great here and my son has an earache!! Dousing him up with calpol at moment.
Managed ok today in the end. I had a WW ready meal with some veg for lunch, some crisps for a snack and jacket potato with bolognaise for tea. It was an ASDA one which worked out a 3 points for half a tin. It was very nice and well worth the points. I have enough points left for a WW toffee bar and a couple of glasses of wine and have saved two points for tomorrow. I have ended up cooking for my family tomorrow so there will be 6 adults and 4 kids! Oh well at least if I cook and can keep a track on my points.
Well I had my wi tonight and am a little disappointed. Although I managed to lose a pound I fell a bit fed up that after all that hard work that is all I lost. Trying to be positive so will carry on and see what happens next week.


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Hun a lb is a lb! Its a good average loss! Don't be disappointed with it!

Keep up the good work hun you are doing really well.

:happy036::happy036:Morning, I got on my scales again this morning and have moved into the next stone. I'm not sure if I should drop a point or not. I think I might just to be on the safe side. I feel a bit happier now after my wi result last night.

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