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Starting at the gym

Hi guys!!

I have recently gained a lot of weight. I was in a leg cast for 6months and couldn't walk. Gained over 3stone.
So I am back to normal now and I am able to excersise. But take things slowly.

I started the gym.

I am just unsure of the best way to do it.
Should I start off at a lower resistance and work my way up to a higher resistance?
I feel silly asking. I was much fitter before I broke my leg. While I was in a cast I stayed in a lot.
It feels like I am stepping out into the world 3 and a half stone heavier and the whole world is looking at me in disgust.

I just wanna excersise and get rid of this weight.
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Do they not have trainers at your gym? You should have a programme devised for you by them taking into account your leg injury (which you'll need to be careful with?)
Of course at the beginning you'll need to start easy, you don't know what your body is still capable of, and you risk injury by doing too much too soon. Even 'healthy' people (i.e. those who are just unfit, not recovering from an injury) can do themselves harm by overdoing it, or doing routines 'wrong'?
A good gym will assign a trainer who will work out a programme to suit you, your aims, and your fitness level after doing an initial assessment. If they don't offer this, I'd seriously reconsider what gym you go to.


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Or you could get a referral for physio and they would be happy to give you some one/two off advice. Can you self refer? If not your GP could do it.
Thanks guys!!
I am good to excersise. GP and the doctor at the hospital have told me to slowly get back into excersise. I just want to lose all this weight I gained while in cast.

Anyway I go physio tomorow so I will ask then.
Also I got 1 personal training session free when joining gym, so I will see then also.

thanks people

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