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Starting Atkins on Friday

Hi All,

My partner and I are starting Atkins for the 2nd time on Friday, we did it about 5 years ago with great sucess.

I have one question though, I kind of remember drinking Bovril once a day is this allowed?

I have read the 'New Atkins New You' book and it says that you are allowed clear broth/bouillon would bovril count as this? It also says in this book that I can drink caffinated tea, is this also correct? I remember I did last time and it did not effect my weight loss that much (I also added a small amount of skimmed milk which I know is not allowed.

Please advise me as I might be remembering incorrectly!!!

Please help cause we really want to lose weight and do Atkins right this time.


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Somebody please help before Friday. Only reason not starting before that is we are emptying the cupboards of bread, pasta fruit and all the no nos!!


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I drink chicken bovril all the time. Also you can drink decaf.


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Try soya milk in your tea, you will be used to it in no time. I personally don't even notice the differance. I thought you said coffee, don't know what the tea rules are.
Many Thanks MarySu,

I can drink my tea black so will try that. If not will go for the soya milk. I did try it last time but remembered thinking it taste like burnt rubber.

At least I can drink my bovril.
If the carb count is factored into your 20 a day then I see no problem Max, welcome mate
Thanks Jim

I will ensure I stay under my 20 net carbs daily. Can you tell me if I still calculate net carbs by deducting the fibre from carbohydrate to = net carbs. If not how do I calculate them?



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You don't need to - labels on all British products only tell you the net carbs. It's only American labeling systems that require subtracting the fibre. Do it on uk products and you'll be miscalculating.
As Rose says Max, EU products it's already calculated for you


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
I didn't know that, I have still been doing it, Oh god. So I just look at the carb content, no need for fibre to be taken out. So things I thought were low won't be. BOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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