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Starting BE YU on Monday

Think I have got my head around the diet and they do offer TFR products. There is probably not enough info on their site but think I have read enough on here to help me.

I am going to try this as I have a weeks supply of the TFR range and theres lots of info about TFR in various places on this forum. fantastic help!

For me, I am going to have 4 products a day because I do not want to go too low immediately. Think it will be around 850 a day.

Tried the porridge which was eventually ok, think I will add cinamon to it tho.

Think I will try the choc shake with mint as it was very rich for me and the vanilla shake with some coffee in to see how that goes...

The bars are rich and yummy...

Well, here's to Monday....goodness knows why we always start Monday!!:flirt2:

If any one is doing BE YU (or NEW YOU as that seems similar) and have any tips do tell! :)
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Ok, well starting out today and feel quite motivated.

Typical though, feel like am coming down with a bug / virus type thing...but I am not caving in...will drink hot water and take paras if need to.
The virus feeling could well be your carb withdrawal starting and may get worse before it gets better.

It does get better though! :)

Good luck with it, hope you get the results you want.
Really? that was quick then lol....O boy!!

Thanks for letting me know....
My 1st day on BE YU yesterday. I did really well until around 3pm when I was absolutely starving ....

Had a vanilla shake with a tsp of coffee added for breakfast. Quite yummy

Lunch was a honey & nougat bar

Then at 3pm ish I had a hot cappucinno...which tasted soooo sweet but drinkable.

Evening meal was a cottage pie...simply delicious!

Drank my water as well, but as am feeling rough right now, not sure if its a virus as well as withdrawals I am battling comforting foods thoughts too! OO and I could have killed for an apple yesterday. Strange...

Day 2 begins now.
The virus thing or carb withdrawal is bad today....feel terrible in fact!!

But am not giving in...in fact not very hungary so that helps!!
Had a quick "middle of the week" weigh in after the loo this morning and am one happy bunny!!

Already am 5 and a half pounds down!!!

So, making my shakes with skimmed milk and the odd cuppa hasn't done too much damage then...for me that is.
Thank you Lynn!!

Today was my weekly weigh and I have lost 9pounds!!!!

Pretty pleased with self as had one or two blips and am finding it easier now....
well done its a great feeling knowing the weight is coming off, i go for my 1st weigh in tomorrow, hope i do as well as you have. keep it up.
Thanks Cazzy, am sure you will!!

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