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Starting Cruise tomorrow. Can I.....?


I can if I think I can.
Hi, just finishing attack today and will be starting to cruise....but have a few queries. Would be grateful if anyone can help.

1. Can I eat rhubarb on my pp days? Is there a limit to the amount?

2. Can you eat veggies eg. cherry tomatoes as a snack on pv days or should veg always be eaten with some protein?

3. At each meal is there an ideal ratio of veg to protein?

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Hi Lausanne,

welcome and well done on getting through attack. Re your Qs:

Rhubarb on PP days is a 'tolerated item' if you really think you need it for 'transit issues' - limited to 100gr per day.
On PV days it's unlimited.

Snacking on Veggies alone (esp cherry toms!) is allowed on PV days. At least I have always done that - when everyone else was tucking into grapes!!

The protein should still make at least 2/3 of your meals / general intake.

As an overall guide I think you should aim to eat at least 2gr pure protein is per kilo of body weight (different foods have different amounts of protein, for example an average raw boneless skinless chicken breast is about 24gr protein whereas 100g serving of Total 0% yoghurt has only 9g). Someone more knowledgeable will hopefuly confirm I got my figures right! Now don't go off starting to calculate every morsel, that's not the point of this diet at all, I just wante to point out that you need to make sure you get enough protein, there is no such thing as 'too much', but keep an eye on dairy consumption which should not exceed 1kg per day.


I can if I think I can.
Good to know - I love rhubarb but will limit it to PV and only for PP in an emergency! I'm debating doing 4 PP Monday to Thursday and 3PV over the weekend to making eating out easier. It also means I can buy veggies in bigger quantities to keep costs down. Food shopping here in Switzerland is shockingly dear!

Wasn't aware on the 1kg limit for diary but good to know as I'm having a love affair with quark at the mo.

Thanks a mil, Anjuschka for taking the time to answer my queries. Even though I have the book, I have a feeling I'll have a few more.


** Chief WITCH **
You can (but it's not in the book). His official advice now is to alternate the days. It helps avoid our getting too bored (or clogged up after 4 x PPs!!)


I can if I think I can.
Thanks, Joanne. It's difficult to know what to do. The 4 PP and 3PV would fit in better with lifestyle at the mo. Like to be flexible at weekends for eating out with friends and hopefully with rhubarb on standby on PP days I won't get too clogged up. Gonna give it a bash. If it doesn't suit after a fortnight will switch to 1PP/1PV. The only time I see 4PP as a problem would be in the run up to TOTM when everything seems to naturally slow up so may do alternate days for that week. I'm presuming that it's okay to switch about like that. Please let me know if it's not, not entirely sure.
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I ended up alternating 4pp/3pv and 3pp/4pv weeks as that fitted well with my work and life.

why not start 1pp/1pv to start with, with the other option held in reserve?.


I can if I think I can.
Thanks for replying, Atropos. Congrats on your weightloss success.

I'm going to give the 4PP/3PV, 3PP/4PV a go whilst I'm here in Switzerland. Veg is very expensive and it would work out much cheaper to be able to buy in bulk for a few days in a row.

When I return home I'll consider switching to alternate days then.

This site is great for advise, so glad I found it. Everyone is very supportive.


** Chief WITCH **
Lausanne - I posted in menus for you to check your Philly (must be EXTRA lite, not lite, and even then it's a tolerated ingredient for Cruise only - 30g maxi per day!).

Good luck in Cruise!

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