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  1. veenessie

    veenessie Member

    So I'm over 40 and never worried about my weight and ended up at 16st 4 for my laziness.

    Today that's going to change, this is a new chapter in my life! I'm starting on CWP SS, armed with green tea, a britta filter, the CWP app and breath fresheners, I'm determined to at least get down to the given first target weight of 12st. I'm currently a size 18 verging on 20, so I'm interest where 12st will get me?

    I'm not doing this for my own vein reasons but because I know of the health complications that will soon catch up with me. Sadly both of my patents have had cancer, one is diabetic, my genes are fat and I have a condition call hemochromatosis, all of this can and probably will give me complications later in life!

    I just need to stay focused, and remind myself if I don't do this my life may be shortened!!!

    Wish me luck and any tips or bits of advice are greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Hiya :) I'm also like you. I weighed in at 16st 1. Didn't think I was that big :0 I'm also similar as sizes of 18/20. I'm currently on day 4. Day 1 I found fine. Day 2 was horrid for me :( headaches. Feeling Sick. Freezing cold an shaking. I even had a slice of garlic bread :/ could of cried about it. But my consultant was quick boost me!! Day 3 was fab and today is good!! I have a big family...6 children and cooking their food tests me!! I'd love to keep in touch as we are both on similar weights and I'm on SS too!! Once your in ketosis you will feel fab!! Have you had any products yet? Xxx

    P.s good luck :))
  4. veenessie

    veenessie Member

    Hello, thanks for your post.

    I really relate to you, I never in a million years thought I was 16st, I've always ignored my weight and never owned any scales! In my head I'm still 20 years old and a size 14, but in reality it's not the case and I've really woken up to the fact I need to do something about it for my health.

    So day 1, I've decided to buy the premixed shakes, they fix in better to my life style. I had a strawberry shake at 10am, was a bit hungry at first, it soon wore off when I was out at dog training. Now back home and it's 2.30pm, had a black tea and really think it time for another shake, I plan to have one by 3pm and the my last one by 7pm. I'm finding the more occupied I am the less I think I'm hungry. No headaches yet, but I'm really good with drinking water.

    Please stay in touch it's nice to share this journey with someone. X

    Week one on Cambridge Weight Plan
  5. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Yes it's nice to be able to relate to someone too!! Are the pre made shakes nice? I've not tasted them yet. It's good you have taken the first step to change for your health. My reason is one...I don't want be the 'fat mum' but also as it's almost certain I will get diabetes. I'm more of a late water so tend have my shake around 8ish.

    Keeping busy really helps. When I'm not busy I tend just think about food!!! I keep worrying what if I don't lose this week!!! But on so little calories I'm hoping I do!! What day is your weigh in? Mines Tuesday :)

    Hope tonight continues well :) keep in touch!
  6. veenessie

    veenessie Member

    Well I survived the first day! Was a bit miserable towards the end of the day, especially at tea time, but my husband cooked for himself and our daughter, hopefully they can continue to fend for themselves while I do this diet!

    Woke up this morning feeling fine, just a headache but that soon passed with some water, just keeping busy until I can take my first shake, was aiming for between 10-11am.

    I must say the premixed shakes are ok, a bit like the long life shakes the kids have. But for me I can't be fuffing around making shakes at work so these are convenient, especially at weekend when out and about, I can pop one in my bag and have it anywhere.

    My weigh in is on Friday, I think that's a great incentive to bee good over the weekend, well that's the plan!

    Have you weighed yourself? I don't have scales!!! Good luck for Tuesday, let me know how you get on!!!

    Vanessa x

    Week one on Cambridge Weight Plan
  7. Newme2014

    Newme2014 Full Member

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    Hi Vanessa.
    well done on getting through the first day. I am starting tomorrow (Monday) and I will admit I'm scared/excited/worried all at the same time.

    i have shakes, soups and porridges. My consultant gave me a bar for free incase I need to chew something but she said the bars shouldn't be used during the first two weeks ideally.hopefully I can get through this, going with one day at a time to start with. It's bank holiday here tomorrow so I will have the kids home which may make it harder as they are always asking for food.

    Im having my weigh in next sat so it won't be quite a full week but hopefully I make it to then. :)

    good luck on your weight loss journey :)
  8. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Glad your getting on well Vanessa!! I've just ordered some pre mixed shakes for Tuesday! That's lovely of your hubby to fend for him and your daughter!!! My hubby is a chef and always working so I have to cook the little ones!!

    No I haven't had a sneaky weigh in at home as I don't have scales!!! My consultant was happy I don' I guess if we were to weigh in the week and it said a weight gain we would fall off the wagon so to speak!!

    Fridays a good day for weigh in!!! You will be motivated after seeing results. Newme a Saturday weigh in will keep you on the straight over the weekend!! Mines a Tuesday :0 although makes me think no giving in especially weekends as weigh in is soon after!!

    Hope you both have fab days x
  9. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Hi Vanessa. Hope your getting on ok? Xx
  10. veenessie

    veenessie Member

    Hey Spammie

    Struggled a little bit today, my belly was rumbling an our before my first two shakes. I fought through and not feeling too bad now!

    Day four tomorrow, hoping ketosis kicks in but I know I may wait another day, and knowing my luck it will lol!

    How are you getting on? It must be tough with feeding the kids? I'm lucky as my daughter and husband are doing the best they can to cook their own dinners but every now and them I have to help my daughter as she not very experienced in the kitchen and it's so tempting to nick a pea, a chip or even lick my fingers, but I've resisted! I'm not going through this pain for nothing, let alone the money it cost lol :)

    Weigh in for you tomorrow! How are you feeling??? Good luck let me know how you get on!

    Oh I've found a fave book group called Cambridge diet 100% support group

    Take care and good luck for tomorrow x

    Week one on Cambridge Weight Plan
  11. veenessie

    veenessie Member

    Hi newme

    How is your fist day going? I hope it wasn't as bad as you were expecting?


    Week one on Cambridge Weight Plan
  12. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Well done 4 already!!! I know how bad your probably feeling but ketosis will kick in. Sending loadsa luck your way for it to kick in soon. Honestly it will be worth it. Once your there you won't be belly makes the odd grumble but that's all. Yes it's a very testing time cooking so much for the little ones and trying resist having a small nibble!! I'm getting better though and you will with time!

    I felt like I was dying. No energy...cold...sick....shivering. But you can do this!!

    Yes weigh in tomorrow. Feeling nervous!! It's an earlyish one so 11am :) will keep you posted.

    I found having some shakes warm really helped me get through the day. Do hope you feel better soon. Will have a look on the support page!! Thanks for sharing xxxx
  13. veenessie

    veenessie Member

    Good luck for tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you. Well done for staying so strong especially with looking after a large family :) x

    Week one on Cambridge Weight Plan
  14. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Thank you :) you take it easy tonight and try get an early night!!! Hopefully you will awaken refreshed and in ketosis :) xx
  15. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

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    Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow spammie!

    vanessaa you're doing fab! Hang on in there! Tomorrow or definitely Wednesday you should start to find it easier...physically definitely....mentally the battle will be there for quite some time...I'm in week 7 and only now have I stopped thinking of food as a coping mechanism! Stay strong...well done for making it through the hardest part :p Xxx
  16. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Thank you sophiesophs :) well done on 7 weeks!!!!! Hopefully I can make it that long lol xx
  17. Babikins

    Babikins Member

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    CWP Cambridge Weight Programme
    Aw lovely to read your progress so far, thanks for sharing! It does get SO much easier when keto finally shows up. I thought I was dying, I could have literally just cried through day 3 and 4. But I woke up on day 5 feeling so full of energy and it hasn't stopped since really! What I do find is I have a lot more energy in keto but it burns out pretty quick. When you reach your limit, listen to your body and rest. I pushed past it on day 6 (hectic day, followed by cooking and shopping etc etc) and regretted it, almost passed out! Be kind to yourself and good luck for the weigh in! x
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  19. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Hiya Vanessa :)

    9lb off this week!!!!!!! So pleased!!!

    Also combined inches lost this week is 7 and 3/4s!!!!!! Hope your getting on ok and hopefully your weigh in this week will beat mine :)

  20. veenessie

    veenessie Member

    Wow that's brilliant, you must be so pleased!

    I'm defiantly not a hungry today so hopefully I'm now on my way. I'll let you know my result of my weigh in on Friday ;)

    How many weeks are you going to do on sole source ? Have you a plan of what your doing?


    Week one on Cambridge Weight Plan
  21. Tangles

    Tangles Member

    Day one here today. Survived but was extremely hungry from 2.30 onwards :)
    Drank more than the 2.5ltr as if anything will stop me it will be a headache!
    Apple and cinnamon porridge seemed ok and had two soups. Going to have two shakes tomorrow.
    Feeling tired but inspired by all you above who are ahead of me :)
    Look forward to reading more :)
  22. spammie19

    spammie19 Full Member

    Welcome tangle!!! Feel free join our chats!! Good luck!! I've not tried apple and cinnamon. Deffo try the choc mint warm!!! It's heaven :)

    Vanessa, thank you :) and sole source for maybe 12 weeks. My consultant hasn't really made a plan with me :( how long will you do SS for? Can't wait for your weigh in!!!! :)

    Hope your all getting on ok? I'm feeling a tad under the weather...nothing diet related so all good :xxx
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