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starting from here :D

hi, i just thought i'd start by writing a bit about myself, as im new to the site and havent got my head round it all as of yet, althou i must say that the site has been so inspiring and this is the first time in my life where i feel that i won't only try but that i will achieve something. I've seen many ads in books and papers with the before and after pictures but ive always been a bit sceptical but the inspiration slide show shows me that its real and can be done... and hopefully at some stage in this journey (and im sure it will be a long journey!) i can put my picture in there too :D
Im 21 and have been overweight since i was about 8, ive tried the 'cutting down' thing but have always given up after about a week or so. The thing I would love do most would be to go shopping in any shop and be able to buy anything, I'd like to have my own style instead of just something that fits and looks decent enough. Im a student and i always notice everything thats on sale is always size 12-14 for some reason.. they aren't only thinner but a lot richer as well! lol.
Tonight I start slimming world, and im hoping that it'll be the start of a new me, I hope that with the guidance of the class and comming on here i will continue to be inspired and excited about the future and what i can achieve.
sorry for rambling on... i have a tendancy to do tht.
xx chrissie
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Hi Chrissie and welcome. Good luck tonight, let us know how you get on! Vxx


I ate my willpower!
The thing I would love do most would be to go shopping in any shop and be able to buy anything, I'd like to have my own style instead of just something that fits and looks decent enough.
I can relate to that!! All my friends have so many different clothes which they mainly get from places like Primark, Peacocks, Matalan and TK Maxx etc and I would love to be able to have that choice. It's one of my main motivations for sticking to SW and it's the best plan I have ever been on.

Good Luck!
Hi Honey

That's good news that you are starting tonight and welcome! I find this site very supporting and friendly and everyone is at different levels, some at maintenance, and some with longer to go. It does work and isn't hard at all and no hunger!!

thanx for replies... i'll come bk later and let you know how i get on. hopefully i've lost something, anything will do. i walked 4 miles yesterday!
Hi Chrissie and welcome! I'm sure you'll get on great with SW, be sure to let us all know how you get on tonight.

Sammy x


Staff member
thanx for replies... i'll come bk later and let you know how i get on. hopefully i've lost something, anything will do. i walked 4 miles yesterday!
Good luck Chrissie with SW!

Well done on walking 4 miles, please feel free to join us on the stepping it out thread for 2008:)


Here is a guide to help you make your way around, just click on the link and if you need any help please ask.

Hello Missy and welcome aboard! You can do this, I am proud of you for wanting to take control of your life at such a young age, you can do this. Best of luck in reaching your goal... 4 miles, way to go girl, that is FANTASTIC!
Good luck missy3, the hardest part of SW i found was the first meeting! I have only been doing it for 7 weeks and the results are amazing. Just trust it and stick with it you will not be disappointed! Hope to hear how you are doing, i have had great help, support and advice from these threads. If I can help at all just ask.

:) :)
Hiya missy3
Here is the start to a new you!
You sound incredibly motivated, im sure you will do fine, visit the site EVERYDAY for motivation, a winge, tips or support and look forward to being slim,.
I so understand what you have said about being able to buy any clothes you want not only because you can be who you want to be but because its a damn sight bloody cheeper lol!

Good luck sweety
Ruthy xxx
LOL @spaceangel! i luuuuuurve PRIMARK! omg they sell lush clothes ! ....if ya skinny!


I ate my willpower!
I buy some things for the kids in Primark (we call it Prim-arni!) and always look at the adults stuff and think I wish they did bigger sizes, then I thought, they don't need to sell bigger sizes, I need to get my ass in gear and shift some flab! The only thing I have bought from there that fits is big granny seamless knickers :p (but they are damn comfy!!)
Thanx for the replies they are really encouraging! had my first meeting last nite and it was really really good, nothing like i expected at all, i had the fear of the unknown, but it was very relaxed and welcoming. Got my little books and now i know wat hea and heb means cos i always saw it on the recipes but hadnt got a clue what it meant lol. I think i understand the books as i spent the whole night reading and even dreaming about them! but im sure it will be a lot more difficult when i start using them today.
I've just woke up and have a question... do i have breakfast? is it too late for breakfast so i go straight to lunch? or do i have breakfast then lunch straight after? i have this problem when i dont have class cos i tend to wake up late and have no idea what to do?
All in all the meeting went great and im sure this is what i needed, I think the fact that i'll have to attend a meeting everyweek will give me the incentive to keep at it this time. I don't want to have unrealistic expectations as i think thats what my problem has been in the past but this time i actually feel like there will be a new me at the end of it. The stories at the meeting last night inspired me too, and one day it could be me telling my story lol. What i'm really pleased about too is that i convinced my mum to come along too, I think she had the same fear about doing it as i did but i know we can help each other out and it'll help her heath problems too, and in turn my mum brought along a friend. So maybe theres safety in numbers, if one of us wants to give up, the other 2 won't allow that to happen.
I have about 5 stone to loss to be healthy, and ive noticed that's a change in my thinking too.. im not just thinking about getting thin im thinking about the benefits it will have to my life and health too. If i loss about 2lb a week until my 22nd birthday i should loose about 3 stone! so thats def a goal i want to work towards.
P.S i love primark too... i own practically everything in the store.. most things will stretch.. and if they don't i'll certainly try!


I ate my willpower!
You don't need to have set meals. I hate breakfast and just eat free food throughout the day. My menu today was:-

Quorn ham and cheese toastie

Pasta n sauce with Quorn Apple Sausages added

Tonight I am having SW chips, Quorn Sausages and Baked Beans!!

Hope this helps
oh thats ok, thanx. i just wasn't sure. first day went great. i didn't feel hungry at all. your menu sounds great, i'll bought some quorn sausages so will try them tomorro. :)
yesterday i had:

Green Day :
2 boiled eggs (free)
1 piece of whole meal bread (heb)

salad (free)
mayo (5syns)
fruit salad (free)

baked potatoe (free)
baked beans (free)
bacon (heb)

fruit salad (free)
muller light (free)


I ate my willpower!
Your menu sounds great. Quorn is a great filler. I add quorn pieces to pasta, use at as a sustitute for chicken in a salad. The mince is great for bolognaise and I use the ham substitute for jacket spuds and pasta!
Have either of you found any good veggie bacon? The quorn stuff is a bit odd, but I like most other bits of quorn, and might have to change my evening meal to quorn sausages beans and chips now, have a craving after seeing your menu LOL

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