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Starting Jan 2011

hi hun i have already started but good luck to u losing the lbs next year :)
Hello! I am starting in 2011 and have about 4 stone to loose.. I would love to be a part of a team as I really need the motivation of others to keep my butt in gear!! I hope to hear from you x
starting too

hi there . i too plan to start 'properly' in jan. but am gonna try to limit the damage over xmas.
I started way back in sept at 12.st and today I weigh 10.13 so about a stone lost since then but i have been 'off SW since mid november and maintaining.
Id have about 1.5 stone to lose ideally before i go on holiday in April and also go back to work after maternity leave. The last time i wore a swimming costume was in 1994 !!!!
so count me in

MINI TARGETs - lose 6 lbs by 30 jan - weigh in tuesdays.
- lose another 6 lbs by 28 FEB
- lose another 7.5 lbs by 31 march
- lose last 3 lbs by mid April

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I did really well in November, but awful in December up until a few days ago, now I got a tummy bug, rather extreme way to lose weight! I am putting back our Christmas Dinner for the New Year, when I feel like eating, and there is no risk of passing on any bugs to elderly member of the family. And hopefully the ice of the roads would have disappeared. I would like to loose 4 stone next year.
Hi everyone thanks for replying to my thread. I'd better tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 27 and currently weigh in at about 12 1/2 stone. At my largest I was nearly 14 stone. In 2011 I want to lose 3 stone, but might adjust that as I go because I don't want to look like a lollipop lady, which is unlikely as I have quite a big bottom.

After some consideration I've decided to go to my first class tomorrow evening, after all this is not a new year resolution. So I'll update you all after I've been to class with what the official scales say.

I think my first weight loss goal will be to lose 7 lbs and I'm going to aim to do that in January.

Jo x
hi, can i join i was just under 14st when i started in july and its been a long rd to get me here at 13 st , i need ur help
I'd like to join you if I may. I need to lose 4 stone, I lost some earlier this year with SW then stop going to class ( can't even remember why now)

Any way next December I will be fifty and I do not want another decade of regret at not losing the weight. I use to come on here under the name of dumpylump but decided that was to negative so now I'm salsaqueen :)

Looking forward to getting to know you all.
Hi salsa queen, I feel exactly the same, I first began dieting at 16 and was successful, but by the time I was 20 I'd got myself into an abusive relationship amd became the heaviest I've ever been. Luckily the relationship ended in 2006 but some of the weight remains. I want the excess gone before I wake up one day and realize I've spent 10 years dieting u successfully

Jo x


Wanna be loser!!
Hey, am I okay to join your team? I have a lot more weight to lose than you lot so far =[ I have around 7 stone to lose. Although, in my adult life, I've never weighed less than 14 stone so don't know how I'd look weighing less. As it stands (and this isn't 100% accurate) I weigh around 18 stone =[ I was a member of SW earlier on this year and lost 3 stone almost, but then I had a sporting injury and piled the majority of it back on. So now, as I've had my operation, I am more determined than ever to get this weight problem sorted.

I'm 27 and currently unemployed (recently graduated), I'm from Leeds and my weigh-ins will be on Tuesday evenings starting next Tuesday =]

Lou xx
yes please

Hi I would like to join if you're still taking..I had kept 2 stone off for 3 years but due to stopping group and my mum being ill and loosing her recently i have gained 10lb. So now I have 2 stone I want to loose before my 50th, looking to rejoin group next wednesday but starting at home tomorrow. would love the support xxjan
Hi all

Can I join too? I'm planning on starting in January too and have a long road ahead of me as want to lose 5 stone. My first mini target is 21lbs.
hi all :d'oh:think i'm gonna join u if thats ok been rubbish over xmas :eatdrink023: need to get my bum into gear b4 i put all the weight back on that i've lost so far :eek: am going to weigh on saturday, good luck everyone

Hey all - Can I join in too please - back to SW on tuesday with my mum in tow ... I am 32 once again 16 stone size 18 /20 and have a hefty few stone to lose , but happy with just the three and to be a size 16.

Love Louise xxxx

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