starting lipotrim again!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by kellyh, 5 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. kellyh

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    well after the throwing up episode i've decided to try 1 last time then i may have to look at CD instead. only problem is now i'm full of cold so has anyone started LT with a bad cold or did you wait till you were better? i just figured with a headache anyway n everything tasting funny i may aswell try again.
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  3. summergurl

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    Go for it :)

    I think sometimes, without conciously (sp?) knowing it we inadveratadly look for 'excuses' so you might as well just jump on board and see how you go :) x
  4. kellyh

    kellyh Member

    thanx for the reply hun, i know what u meant i was just checkin as i didnt want to go for my next lot full of cold and them say wait til your better.
  5. Minimin

    Minimin Wants to Maintain Gd!!

    Personally i would say wait as if your immune system is weaked it may not be a good time to start, you can cut down on your calories and try eating healthy in preparation when you are better and ready to start LT.

    Hope you get better soon hun x

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