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Starting Lipotrim tomorrow!!

Hi Everyone, I'm starting this diet tomorrow and have been reading the forum for tips and how to survive the 1st week.

I need to lose about 4 stone, I don't really have a timeframe but it would be nice to be 13 stone for my holiday in June :)

Any hints or tips any of you can give a newbie would be fantastic. I will of course update you all on my weightloss.
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Hi Mellowman - love the name! Drink lots of lovely water, get strength and support from this forum and stick with it. It gets so much easier, honest!
I told myself in the first week that it would be horribly hard so I was prepared for the worst ... Then I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't so bad! Accept that you may feel lousy for a couple of days but the fast and furious weight loss will make it all worthwhile in the end. Good luck, hun. x
Hiya, I'm looking forward to it. Enjoyed my last supper today too. I've got it all ready for tomorrow :) 3 litres of water, I usually drink quite a bit so I'm sure that'll be ok. Just don't know how the milkshakes will taste. I avoided chicken soup after reading peoples thoughts on it ;)

Thanks for the support, I'll let you know how I get on during the week x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Lots of luck on your TFR journey. Keep very busy during the first week or so. The weight will fall off in no time at all.
Good luck.
hello mellowman!! and welcome to the most amazing re-programming you could ever be part of :) i dont like to call it a diet because im not here to lose weight... im here to change my relationship with food forever and no other diets truly do that! LT is an absolute miracle... and although the first week is hard (and it is), just stay strong, focus on your goal and once you get past the first week, you already feel your life totally changing. The shakes are lovely.. and some people LOVE the soup. (not me lol) and im not too fond of the vanilla. but mix em up properly and stick a couple ice cubes in em... drinki through a straw and theyre lovely. like people have already said.. water water water. its your key to getting through the day and seeing great results! (and not killing your kidneys lol) and use this forum! you couldnt wish for a lovelier, more supportive group of people who are here to share your journey, help you through bad times, congratulate your good times, and answer all of your questions. I literally could not have survived without all the people on here.

Another good tip is to set yourself a ticker.. it really helps you to visualise your progress and i know its a bit lame... but i put a gold star in my diary at the end of each day :) makes me feel really proud.
also the doing a diary on here really helps!!

Wish you all the luck with your journey, KNOW that you can & WILL do it, and please know we are all here for you whenever you need some support.

sarah x
Many thanks for the tips guys, I was looking at other peoples tickers, it is a really good idea, I'm amazed how successful this has been for everyone. I was a bit cynical at first but now I'm really excited to get started, I didn't buy the flapjacks, just got choc & strawberry shakes!

You all seem like a friendly supportive bunch so I'm sure I'll have many questions in the coming days and weeks (fibre tables & breath strips) I'm aware of the downsides, but the ultimate goal of weight loss (hopefully permanent) is worth a few headaches and the like.

I do have a question. Am I able to upload a profile pic along with a tracker? Or do I have to make some more posts first? My idea being that I'll post a recent pic, then after a month or two I'll take a new one. Visual imagery will help me as well as all the support I've received from you all even before I've started :)

Once again, thanks to you all. I'm feeling the lipotrim love already ;) x
You can get a ticker straightaway but I think you have to have posted about 50 times before you can add extras but don't quote me on that cos I'm not sure. Visual record and motivation sounds like a great idea.

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