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Starting LL and starting a new job..on the same day!!


A thin person in disguise
Hi All,

I was wondering if you could help me. I have spoken with my LLC who has agreed to accept me onto the plan as a returner. However, she can only fit me on Tuesday night. I start my new job on Weds and I am away from home from weds to friday.

What do I do? Wait or tackle it straight on. I am in ketosis due to following atkins for 3 weeks. The reason I am back with LL is to help me address my dysfunctional relationship with hunger, food and emotions.

Your help will be gratefully accepted xxx
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Tough But Sexy X
Hi, I say go for it, there are ways to fit the packs in during the day or even during the evening when away.

I work away quite often, generally have a pack at home or hotel wherever I wake up, then take my shake to work to mix up. I have another shake either at work or back at home/hotel. Finally have the last item in the evening before bedtime.

It is achievable, the way I look at it is I cant put my life on hold for LL, it has to fit in with me. The hardest part for you is a new job and I guess that in itself can be daunting if you dont know how things work there.

Hope this helps and good luck.


A thin person in disguise
Thanks tsbx. U have been really helpful. I thought about how I will manage my packs but I think it will so easy as I have my shaker and I can chill out in hotel room. The worry is about low energy levels when I have to look and be my best on thurs and fri. At least on sat I can rest phew!! Xx


Tough But Sexy X
Hi, I was lucky no low energy.

The shaker has become my travel buddy lol, word of advice the chocolate shake needs a proper blitzer blender thingy.

Hope the job and LL goes well xx


A thin person in disguise
Thanks tbsx. I am hoping all goes well and my focus will be on the new job and not my rumbling tummy lol!!!

I used to have the chocolate mix as a hot chocolate in the evening so it will travel well.

Do u bars? If do when do u find eating them is the best for you? Xx


Tough But Sexy X
Hi, I am not keen on the bars, but do have them occasionally. I dont think your LLC will let you have them the first week. I find eating them in the evening the best time whilst watching tv lol xx
Hey hun, welcome and good luck onur LL start! and with ur new job!!!! i agree with TBSX, go for it now while ur motivated!! x
Hi Rachie,
Good luck with the new job and LL.
i would go for it at the same time. I never used a shake. The packs mix much more easily nowadays.
A large mug and a dessert spoon is all I need. For the hot shakes just mix to a smooth paste with cold water and then top up, stirring, with boiling.
Easy peasy.
Good luck with both.


A thin person in disguise
Hey girls thank you for the luck and advice. Am supposed to go tonight for my first weigh in but am too scared to go!! Trying to be motivated but the fear is overwhelming. I will go but I am trying ti focus on a foto of me at my biggest.

How are u all today? Xxx


Tough But Sexy X
Hey Rach, hope the WI went well. This will be the only time you will be scared to get on the scales, I actually look forward to getting on them, its a miracle I dreaded it on any other diet. I lost another 3lb tonight, loving LL!! xx


Loves Porridge
Hello Rachel,

How did your first day in your new job go, and how do you feel after the packs??

Stay focussed, a fresh start and time to tackle the food monster:D:p

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