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Starting LL in May

Hi - am starting on Tuesday - so excited and nervous at the same time! Will have to keep updated on how we are doing!
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Not starting LL but starting CD on sunday! Good Luck!
Good luck to you all. The first few weeks are exciting and the group counselling really helps.

I really look forward to seeing my group every week. They are a great bunch and are so supportive. You really do bond with each other and it makes it easier to stay strong.

Keep posting how you are getting on, it's great to hear how others are doing.


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Will keep you all posted!! Am so looking foward to it!!

I'm so ready for it!

Goodluck everyone starting their weightloss journey on whatever path!

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Good luck!!!! I am starting tomorrow arghhh! all nervous but hopefully I will work through it!!! Good luck again....:D keep me posted on the progress...!!!



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woohoo!! finally it's today my first session - v excited!

We were meant to go to a friend's on Sunday night but we've cancelled as my fiance would feel uncomfortble eating and drinking he feels very guilty aobut eating in front of me over the next 100 days. Also going to a friend's wedidng but we've compromised and are going to the church and the toast after but not to the reception. Then all I've got to contecnt with in the foreseeable future are 3 days in Amsterdam and birthdays (including mine)!


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
Ok, I started last night and we got 9 foodpacks and will then get the rest at our sunday morning pop-in. I got 1 chicken, 1 mushroom, 2 vanilla, 2 caramel, 1 raspberry and 2 chocolate.

I one chocolate for breakfast and have just had the raspberry for lunch. First thoughts are they're not bad at all they're a bit grainy but I think I'm only noticing it as I've been having slim fast for the last week and as it's with milk it's much more creamy! I'm going to have a soup for dinner and then have probably a caramel later on tonight.

I think I'll probably get the majority of chocolate ones on Sunday and have them for breakfast and then to have as hot chocolate before bed!

Also I've drunk just over 2 litres of water already!! I thought the water would be the hardest thing as I kept thinking I only really drink at work but I have to member to spread it out more!!

Hi started LL last Saturday, going great so far, weighed in on Monday and had lost 5lb in 3 days which is fantastic.
Don't feel hungry at all, in fact finding it difficult to fit in all 4 packs a day. Think I will try some of the recipes.

Good luck - keep us updated with your progress.


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
I started feeling hungry at around 11.30 couldn't belive not even half a day!!, and in the end went and had my 2nd shake at 1.45 now starting to feel really hungry again! did n't help that for some unknown reason everyone ( and I mean everyone I'm not just being paranoid) in my office went andf got lunch from town and came back and sat and ate it!!

It's strange too as I keep thinking about what I'd be having for dinner if I wasn't doing this which I would never normally think about!! I can't stop thinking about food!! Help!!



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don't worry - you're obsessed by food at the moment, very soon you'll not be able to stop thinking about how much weight you've lost and how much you can lose by such a date etc etc.

Keep plodding on - it's all worth it.


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Yeh Cath is right, we are all obsessed with losing weight, bathroom scales, this site, talking about diets, talking about how much weight we have lost, how much more we've got to lose. Its so much better than being obsessed by food!
Hi Helen,

I've just joined this site and i am starting LL next Thursday(10/5)!! currently both excited and can't wait to start and nervous/scared!!

wishing you lots and lots of luck

Caroline x


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
I think I'm a bit of a freak compared to the rest of you as I had all the flavours except the veg and chilli soup, and I loved them all!! Only thing is they're still a bit grainy but got a great blender from asda yesterday for under £20 and made a vanilla shake with lots of ice yesterday and that sorted it so think I need to add more water!

Got my first pop-in today at 11, and will get weighed again (although on my scales I've lost 5lbs, but that the 2nd weighin first thing in the morning), photos and measured.

Very excited!!


Hopeful for the future
Nice to have a May thread

Hi All,
I started on Tuesday with 7 stone to lose! It'll be good to get together with people who are at the same stage.
So far I prefer the savoury packs and was disappointed by the chocolate!! It smells like chocolate but isn't ... But it's nourishment.
How do you get all those zany bits and pieces to liven up your posts?
Looking forward to losing lots and doing it with you all.
Trish xx:cool:


Hopeful for the future
First weigh in

Hi All,
Started LL on 1st May and today I've lost 13lbs!!! I'm very pleased and long may it continue.

A very happy Trish xx


likes posting.
i,ve just got through my first day, its not been too bad, i got through my 4 litres of water ok, been dashing too the toilet non stop.So far ive had chocolate, mushroom & banana,i enjoyed them all.Im feeling so hungrey at the moment.:sigh:
Tonights the night

I'm starting LL tonight got to go at 8pm sooooooooo looking
forward to it.
i feel a bit apprehensive Wishing U all the best in your weight losses will be looking forward reading how you all get on

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