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Starting maintenance soon


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Ive been reading everyones posts on maintenance in preparation for the next leg of my journey!

What keeps coming up is the feeling of bloated-ness everyone keeps mentioning so im wondering if this would be allowed say for instance on day 1 your supposed to have 1 meal and 2 maintenance products could i have my 2 maintenance products and then for my meal of say chicken breast and a small bowl of salad could i half the breast and salad and spread it out so i'd be having 2 smaller meals rather than 1 bigger meal or is it that we're trying to get into the habit of eating 3 meals per day????

Doesn't mention this in any of my leaflets anyone any suggestions re this??
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Lou I'd do whatever you feel comfortable with cos tbh I don't think that LT give that much guidance......don't eat if you don't feel like it and steer clear from the carbs initially .....that's my tip anyway!


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Thanks Sandra, god i dont know why but im fretting about refeeding!!! ur good for the old advice another question for ya (u really should charge lol)

Im due to start refeed the 9th but my friends bday is sat the 5th im def going no question about it and will either have a steak with salad or a chicken salad no dressing, but im in too minds should i start refeed this wed 2nd ( a week early) or just start when planned on the 9th??? its only a week in the difference but i dont know whats best :) any advice for me!!
Lou, the difference is going to be another good weeks loss against possibly staying the same or maybe gaining ever so slightly.....personally, I'd stick with the diet and just eat the one meal that you have planned. I spent a weekend away and ate two meals and still lost 4lbs that week, if I had been able to I would have carried on with LT until I got to target. It is so damned disheartening doing ww and only losing a measly pound a week:sigh:

Refeed is scary......it's a very fine balancing act but you can do it, just go slowly and don't be tempted to try all the stuff that you have been missing! There's plenty of time for that.......


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Thanks Sandra for your words of wisdom!! im going to continue and start refeed on the 9th! i will cheat but hopefully wont do too much damage! i will def be having protein and no carbs! im not going to be at my target weight by the 9th when im going too start refeeding, when i return from my break after refeed week i hope to get too goal by using 2 maintenance products and a healthy balance meal!!

I can imagine it being hard getting such small losses when ur used to fast high losses on LT, to be honest ive never done weight watchers before but it seems so confusing too me i looked into it if i get my head around it i may sign up too a class, ur nearly there Sandra so chin up girl!!!

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