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Starting my CD Journey tomorrow.. and CANNOT WAIT!


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Hello All

I am starting CD tomorrow... picking up my shakes and meeting my Counsellor tomorrow morning and I can’t wait :D I have been a forum lurker on here for ages and after reading all the positive posts I have finally decided to stop lurking and start taking action hehe :D

Bit of background, my name is Ant and I am 24. I work in Mental Health and I am single. I have a lot of self confidence and self esteem issues tied in with my weight and my perception of myself. I am currently seeing a Psychologist who has actually encouraged me to start Cambridge Diet as he knows that it is the type of diet that will really help me progress and get to a level of fitness I am comfortable with ^.^

I like many have decided to make 2010 my Year of Change. I officially came out the closet to my family on New Years Day after hiding my sexuality from them for um.. 8 years hehe So I figured if I am going to really commit to making a change this year I am going to dive in and not let any time go to waste. I have met a guy who has given me such inspiration to go out there and network in the gay community and he also used to be a long term anorexic and so he knows what it is like to go through self image issues, he is helping me along this journey making me realise why I am doing it.

I am sooo looking forward to getting to know you all on here... I have a lot of weight to lose so I will be around for a long time haha :) I am a very friendly and chatty person and if anyone wants to talk or chat please PM me:) I will be keeping a diary of my progress..

I look forward to the start of my journey with you all :) I have never in my life been so driven and motivated to lose the weight...for once I feel like I deserve to be happy and that I deserve to feel good about myself and CD will help me achieve that

Anyways I feel like I am waffling now.. I do that a lot hahaha...
Take Care All
Ant xx
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welcome xypher
best of luck with starting tomorrow, as you have been reading up you will know the first few days are the hardest but once you get over that you will feel great and then the weight will start dropping off :):stickdance:
Hi Xypher,

i just want to say well done for the steps you have made so far this year in becoming the new you and changing how you feel about yourself. I was on the cambridge diet last year and had fantastic results I lost 3stone and then had a few problems in my personal life so I stopped for a few months. I was due to be starting the diet again tomorrow for the final time to shift the rest of my unwanted weight however my cdc has cancelled my appointment as the roads are too dangerous where she lives however if I can I will possible be picking up some products tomorrow from her - depending on the weather.
I like you work in mental health and I am around quite a bit so if you need anything feel free to contact me even just for a chat.

I hope your journey starts well, I'm not going to lie it is hard for the first few days but I always felt as though I was on top of the world when I went into ketosis - hope its the same for you.

Good luck



2010 - Year I get slim :)
Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement :)

I am glad you like waffle cus I am a heap load of waffle hahaha... I have the gift of the gab =P

I have been upping my water intake in preparation for tomorrow.. I am aware the first week or so can be rough BUT I know that it won't kill me as long as I keep busy I will be fine... besides the uncomfortableness I feel for the first week is nothing compared to the uncomfortableness I feel about my image at the mo... no pain no gain haha :D


2010 - Year I get slim :)
hmm? Not sure if that was me I had to register on the site first time haha...my email was not in use =P
Sounds as though you are well prepared and have the determination to do this. Have you spoken to your counsellor yet? Are you planning on doing Sole Source?
Hi Xypher, Welcome and good luck on your plan!

I have only been on here for a week and feel like ive been here forever"!

Everyone is so welcoming and most of all supportive! I am only on day 4!!

Welcome and good luck Xypher. I am on day 5 of a re-start, I lost over 3 stones and took a break towards the end of 2008. This diet really works, even though first few days can be tough - after that you will be totally up and running with great losses.

You mentioned that you work in mental health. There are lots of us here that work in health care, social work etc and also plenty of shift workers (not sure if you work any irregular hours); there will be plenty of support

Wishing you all the best for a fabulous CD experience!


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Thank you all :)

I have spoken to my CDC on the phone and will be on the SS programme as I have about 9 stone to lose :( But even though it is a lot I am hoping that I can get rid of it by November this year... that is the target anyways :)

I have been drinking about 6 pints of water past 3 days with ease so I will have no problem with the water intake... and hopefully I will be able to control my need to go for food hahaha... I will just have to constantly keep busy maybe waffling on here so my hands are too busy to reach for food hahaha


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Oh I will :) haha I like it here... I think the fact it is so active it makes me post more cause I know I won't be waiting years for a response hehehe :)

I am a little worried about losing 9 stone... with regards to loose skin.. I am hoping that at 24 I won't have too much of an issue but any tips would be appreciated :) It's funny I cannot physically imagine myself thin.. at all.. I cant even try to picture it.

I am going to aim for 10 mini targets... I plan on having targets of a stone down each time.. so first one for me is 19 stone, then 18 stone etc.. and forget about how much in total i need to lose :p


2010 - Year I get slim :)
wow thats amazing :D

I am the same start weight as your husband... so if I can follow suit that would be so cool haha :) I turn 25 in November so thats why I target that but if it is sooner I do not think I will argue :)
With enough determination under your belt you'll be fine

You'll be thin before you know it!

This diet works!

I was 17 stone 9 in may 09 and now just about to hit the 10 stones ( I'm 11.1) So it works!

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