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Starting next week and determined!

I did CWP around 18 mths ago, and lost a stone in 2 weeks. In wk 3 I lost zilch and my CDC was so unsupportive I quit. Since then I have lost another stone.
I have another 2.5st to lose so have decided to start again WITHOUT telling my family! Basically I just want to quietly get on with it without it becoming a 'topic' and without my little boy realising I eat totally differently.
I'm seeing my CDC on Friday and will start a week on Monday.
I'm doing SS+ so 3 CWP meals and a protein and veg meal.
I'm trying to get my head in the right place, so have cut out carbs (if I eat chicken and veg without spuds, no one will bat an eyelid now) and all drinks except black coffee and 3 litres of water every day.
I believe I am in ketosis so will check that.
I currently do 3 x 1hr zumba classes, 1 x 1hr LBT class and 1 x 1hr Pole dancing every week.
Should I cut that down do you think?
I've been working at losing 700 cals a day from exercise.
Also, if I am already in ketosis, will my losses be slower when I start CWP?
I really want to succeed, but can't afford to do it endlessly as am still buying food for the rest of the family.
Any advice at all will be very welcome.
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I am no expert but when I was on CD I was told not to tackle very vigorous exercise on SS, SS+ or even the (then) 790 plan.

I think it is particularly risky on SS and SS+ because you are not taking in enough calories or carbs to sustain demanding physical exercise, even in short but sustained bursts.

You could get injured for one thing because carbs turn into glycogen and glycogen is what fuels our muscles.

Talk to your Consultant asap to be on the safe side. The last thing you want is to make yourself poorly!

Good luck x
Thanks girlygirl.
Exercise is the thing I am probably most worried about as have finally got myself into a routine and am making myself get off my bum, so don't want to stop unless I have to but likewise, dont want to knacker my weightloss!
I can't afford - and don't want - to do this endlesssly so am trying to get my head in to gear to get on with it, shift the weight and stay healthy!
I'm a bit stressed that my weight loss may not be that impressive as I've been cutting out carbs, but then, I was totally stressed as cut out carbs and haven't really lost anything anyway!

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