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Starting on monday 8th aug, just getting prepared.


Determined to succeed ...
Hello BabyO and :welcome2:

I'm relatively new here also [3 weeks] and realize that I'm not going to put a lifetimes bad eating habits right overnight. I'm looking at this as a total break from food and know that when I've lost the weight I will be motivated to learn how to eat healthily and maintain the 'new us'

My advice is to stick with it 100% - the initial results are phonominal. After the first few days [which arn't horrid for everyone] it will become second nature. Foolishly I thought I had it cracked and lost the plot one evening [pride coming before a fall and all that!] and then had a weekend celebration with family where I had to eat a bit of chicken and push the rest of the food around the plate [long story, family pressure, cousin with anorexia weighting 4 stone 9 ! etc] Anyway the reason for my ramblings is you need to get into, and stay in, the Ketosis phase. If you click in and out you just make it hard on yourself...

Anyway, learn from my failure - of the 24 days I've been on the diet, I've only been in ketosis for about 50% of the time. On the good side, I have still lost 17lb in those three weeks. It's a hard lesson to learn but I am now absolutely determined to be 100% TFR [total food replacement] with no furhter blips. [You don't enjoy the relapse and you really do spend the next 4 days kicking yourself]. :eek:

GOOD LUCK - I'm sure you'll be a great sucess - Just stick with it and let us know how you're doing. :flowers:
Thanks so much for you're reply Ted E Bear.

17lb is a great loss and I can't wait till I can say I have lost that amount. I really hope to be 100% but I know its going to be a challenge. I think with the support of others it will be a great help. So keep up the good work and hopefully we can encourage each other. :)


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hello hello babyonion don't be nervous, just take it one day at a time and you will be just fine x
Thanks a lol Lilac.

You have done amazingly well, and I bet you look fab. Its amazing how losing some weight can really boost you're morale. Thanks for you're support.:)
Hi Babyonion, I felt very nervous the night before I started but excited too...best of luck.
Thanks a lot for you're replys.

It sounds like we all feel the same before we start doesn't it? I really admire anyone that can do it 100%, I hope I become one of them.:)

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