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Starting on Monday!!

:) contacted a different pharmacy who are happy for me to come in on Monday and go through the medical history etc and then start the program straight away...told them I had viewed the info on the Lipotrim site (thanks for that Jon!) and therefore they don't expect me to drive there to pick up a dvd, bring it home, watch it and then make another appt to go back for the intro.

Am so excited! Been reading the weight losses this morning on the forum (well done everyone!!) and I can't wait to get started.

Is there anything I should be doing over the weekend in preparation, maybe drinking more water or something like that?

Thanks again everyone!
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Eyes on the Prize!!
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Welcome & Good luck!!

The best thing would be to start upping your intake of water and cutting out milk and sugar if you have that in your tea or coffee.

Try and stay away from carb rich foods and eat mainly protein with green veg. At least this will give you a head start and get you in the right frame of mind. I did this as I had my appt on the Friday and wasnt able to start till the following Tuesday. So I started to change the way I ate and found that when I did start I jumped into ketosis a lot quicker than I thought I would.

Good luck!!
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Oh good luck!!!
As Crunchyfrog says, get used to tea and coffee black and stay away from cards to avoid a "come down" from them and to ready yourself for ketosis,
thank you ladies :)

I'm so excited, I desperately wanted to start today but the pharmacy said Monday was the soonest they had a slot open for the medical questionnaire etc. so I will just have to hold my horses til then.

Coffee with milk is my main 'staple' at the moment so I'm going to have to try and get over that and quickly! I don't take sugar.

Does flavoured water on LT count or am I wishful thinking lol
S: 19st9lb
I'm a coffee addict and 2years ago I was a coffee with milk girl but starting LT back then I had to get used to black coffee, i've been drinking it for 2years now and love it so try get used to it and you'll eventually enjoy it, also, it'll save you dozens of calories in the long run!
Good luck, let us know how monday goes!
S: 19st9lb
Sorry no just plain water :(
Ah I will just have to manage and pretend it's flavoured water LOL seriously taken aback by the attitude to a lot of people that I have mentioned LT to..to be honest I was wavering a wee bit yesterday, the horror stories, God awful :( someone told me there was a lot of info on boards.ie so I went and had a look, didn't register though, the verbal mauling someone got over LT I was shocked...and I'm not easily shocked lol
S: 19st9lb
Yahoo answers is the same,
dunno how LT can be so frowned upon yet not Alli, Adios and other chemical tablets that there's serious questions about safety over.
I got very sceptical about LT recently but after finding so many people who've lost LOTS and maintained for over a year I changed my mind!

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