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  1. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    So here I am again, starting over. I was here about a year ago, lost nearly three stone and then fell off the wagon.

    I didn't want to start another diary because I've had several attempts to get back on the wagon in the last six months which have failed miserably but this time feels different.... So here I am!

    Being brave, I'm 5 foot nothing and starting weight was 10st 8, (had got down to 9st4...) I have since lost 6lbs in the three weeks been on track. Aiming for 1300 calories a day, allowing a few more on days with exercise.

    I have just joined a gym 10 days ago, and love it! I've gone every other day since joining for at least 45 minutes, but this has stalled my weight loss. I'm hoping it's because of muscle gain/water retention.

    Anyway, I'm B, 24 and a staff nurse who lives in Norfolk. Live with my other half and our little girl who's 3 in September...

    Very boring life but here I am, a diary to try and help me stay on track...x
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  3. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member



    Top photo is me and my other half from my graduation last week (qualified February, eek!) and bottom is my new motto...xx
  4. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Heyy *waves* just popping by to say hi! :) and to subscribe! Xx
  5. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Hi here to sub to your journey x
  6. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    Good evening lovely ladies!

    Today been so so, had a naughty quick tea of mini turkey kievs and potato waffles which tasted amazing! Coming in for the day at 1290.

    Not been able to go to the gym today so going to attempt a Leslie walk, got quite into these last times but it's just so hot! At least the gym is air conned! Yuck.

    I'm on twighligjt 4pm - 2am shifts the next three days and find it so hard to be on track during nights and twilights as all the nurses bring in sweet treats to get us through!

    How's everyone's day been? healthier than my kievs and waffles probably lol xx
  7. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    I love Leslie walks, I try to do two a day now :)

    Gosh those shifts must be difficult, I think shifts and healthy eating is difficult :(
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  8. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Your dinner sounds awsome! You should take some fruit to work... I've been eating strawberry flavoured grapes from asda and they're lovely
    And sweet enough to feel a bit naughty xx
  9. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    I do struggle with shifts, like when I do a 7.30am - 21.00 shift it's often half nine and even ten before I get home. My Oh works mainly night times to so I either don't eat or just eat really **** junk food. Not sure of a way around it to be honest at the moment.

    Those strawberry grapes sound amazing! Where are the from? Not sure I've seen any in my asda?

    Off to do my Leslie walk when my 2 year old decides she wants to go to sleep! She's being so naughty at the minute :( xx
  10. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    From asda beside the normal grapes... They have tropical ones too :) they're lovelyx
  11. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    Grr so angry at myself! Totally off track during my twilight shifts as can't say no to sweeties! No exercise at all yesterday either. Tried to be extra good today but only half managed that too. But tomorrow I will be good, and I will go to the gym.

    Apparently it's going to be hottest august in 300 years?? I need to work on my sunny clothes figure lol.

    How's everyone been?

    Me and oh haven't been overly getting on that well, I wish I was one who didn't eat when they felt a bit down, damn comfort eating genes!xx
  12. weemissnaughty

    weemissnaughty Silver Member

    Aw those genes suck!! Are you working tonight? Seriously it's to be hot? Today is terrible... It was spitting so me and my friend went a walk around strathclyde park and quarter of the way round it started pouring I swear my bra was wet through my jacket and top!!!! Haha

    How are you getting on today? X
  13. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    The hospital if so muggy, feel ice done a workout when I finish a shift. But off today, thankfully.

    Ah no! Been hot but tipping down most of the day, but lots of puddles for my little girl to jump in! At least you had a jacket on in case your top went see through lol

    Still feeling a bit :( but have managed to step away from the food slightly! Off to so a Leslie walk in a min when I feel motivation to get off my fat arse.

    Just worked out that if me and my OH split, I would be much better off financially. Not saying that's what I want to happen, because I love him and he's the father of my child, but if it does happen at least I know that I should be ok.

    I've told him that when the contract in our house is up in November and I'm still feeling unhappy then it's better to amicably go separate ways. I think him working 6 days a week really strains us.

    Anyway, I better go walk off my mood lol xx
  14. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    Fab session at the gym today, came home and I've lost 0.5kg... Since starting gym had a gain and then stayed the same so feel better now I'm losing again! (Think it was muscle building??)

    Anyway things with OH a bit better. Things at work are good too...

    Diets been on track and not a lot to report!

    Turkey roast for tea tonight and altogether coming in about 1000 cald for the day. Little low but in nights over weekend so will proba over eat then, so saving them up lol x

    Off to peak at everyone's diarys, hope alls well x
  15. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    Has anyone else got that timehop app?

    I love looking at my pictures over the years, going through a super skinny phase, a fat stage, skinny stage, pregnant stage, to super skinny to my now fat again!

    Made me realise how up and down my diet has been and that I no longer want to yo yo diet! The beginning is the hrs bit right? So if you don't stop then you never have that hard bit again...? My logic anyway.

  16. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    Still here, my old scales told me I'd gone down to 63.2kg, bought some new ones and they say 64.1! Gutted! Oh well.

    Anyway, me and Oh are going on a date night tonight as we realised we spend hardly anytime together. However I'm petrified at the thought of eating out :( we're going to prezzo as got tesco vouchers. I've looked on mfp and counted MdsDy. Just can'teat all day now , lol.

    Then the dreaded nights start again tomorrow for 3 nights.

    Myittle girls 3rd birthday soon. Not sure what to get her. She's so fussy and so spoiled anyway xx
  17. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    Finishes the day on 1545 calories even after 3 course meal at prezzos! Not a complete wrote off day after all :)
  18. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Well done for having a treat and keeping your calories low x
  19. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    Finally finished the dreaded night shifts. Food not too horrific. Managed a gym session as well.

    Scales STILL not budging!!!

    2 people at work noticed if lost weight though which is nice :)

    Going to have a treat tea as feel the need to spend some special time with my 2 year old so calories probably way off today, but worth it x
  20. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    I have had another STS too x

    Hope you have a nice evening with your little girl =)
  21. xbrollyx

    xbrollyx Full Member

    Thanks was lovely to spend time with her, she didn't want a naughty tea she just wanted pasta and salad! I hope she continues to make good decisions when she's older. It's one of the reasons I want to lose weight and be healthy, to be a good example to her.

    I'm trying to not be disheartened by the sts but I really am :(

    I am not being a good example tonight though, dominos!!

    Not eaten a lot all day (300 calories) and had a 60 min full on gym sesh so sure I can allow a couple or four slices ;) xx

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