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  1. jczelyph

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    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this board.

    I'm a 23 year old student studying in Oxford. I'm planning on starting CD or LL next week, but I have some questions that need answering first before I can go ahead with it.

    1) I have been doing Slim.Fast and only taking in 500 calories a day for 3 days now, in preparation for cutting down completely, but I feel awful. I'm absolutely shattered, I ache and I am actually fantasising about food. After two days. I caved in and ate a pitta bread just now, and now I'm annoyed, because if I was on CD or LL, it would have ruined my ketosis. Do the cravings and hunger disappear for real, and do you feel OK on such few calories?

    2) Is any food allowed on the diets, even like celery?

    3) How do the shakes/ soups/ tetras/ bars taste? The powders are made with water, right? Are they watery or are they palatable?

    4) I know alcohol isn't allowed on the diet, but what are the consequences if you were to get drunk? You go out of ketosis? Massive hangover?

    5) I'm in two musicals this term and have an exam in a month. I'm going to be busy and having to study a lot. On such low calories so far (on my preparation Slim.Fast plan) I am unable to concentrate and I'm getting woozy if I'm too active. Basically this term is going to be crazy busy, will I survive?

    6) What happens if you actually do end up eating something?

    7) I've been in touch with LL and CD counsellors in Oxford. I'm not sure if I need the CBT/TA of LL, and it is a lot more expensive (for a student, this is important). Does anyone have any views on the neccessity of the CBT/TA in LL vs. CD?

    OK. Well, I've left enough questions there! I'm quite excited about this, but I'm worried I'm getting into something I won't be able to finish, or something that will make me suffer.

    Thanks for all your help, I'm hoping to get a lot out of this.

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  3. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

    The Harcombe Diet
    Wow lots of questions - so here goes:

    Hope that helps John and if you need to know anything else, just holler.
  4. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    Hi John and Welcome

    I think Dotty has answered all your ?'s now. Well done Dotty!

    But just wanted to say that if you have lasted 3 days on Slimfast and only caved in for a pitta you will absolutely love and thrive on Cambridge or Lighter Life. If the flavour of the shakes and soups is most important to you I would suggest CD. If the counselling and group support will be good for you I would suggest LL. CD is also cheaper and you see your counsellor at a time to suit you so may fit in with your commitments better. Good Luck whatever you decide.

    Dizzy x
  5. Russiandoll

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    Dotty has answered your questions admirably John.

    I'd just like to add that I was on CD last year when I did my exams to get into Uni (4 A levels and 2 GCSEs). I was worried that I might suffer a lack of concentration but I absolutely romped through the exams with heaps of energy so no worries there! (Got fab grades and am now at Uni by the way)

    You'll be shocked by the amount of energy you have on a VLCD but you HAVE to stick to it 100% for it to work at its best. It's only when people start customising a VLCD that it all goes to pot.

    Good luck!
  6. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips

    John.. I started my MA the same week as I started LL. It was really good timing. I'm so busy with studies and exams and stuff that I really forget about food. Also, not having all those food worries has really allowed me to focus on my studies! So all in all it's been fantastic! Good luck with whatever you decide. :)
  7. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!

    Isn't this only if you are ssing? I'm on 790 which means you can eat some chicken/turkey/tuna/white fish and some of the green and white vegs.

    Sorry Dotty if I have contradicted you or maybe I've miss-understood :confused:
  8. Russiandoll

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    You're right fiojam - small amounts of food (specified in the yellow CD booklet) are allowed on the 790 plan and also on AAM week.

    LL don't have alternative plans - they SS straight through the first 100 days and in that case (if John decides on LL) absolutely no food is allowed.
  9. jczelyph

    jczelyph Member


    Hey all!

    Thanks so much for your help!

    I have basically ruled out LL because of the expense and lack of AAM week (although AAM week could potentially derail me, so if I was coping on SS I might stay on it, but it'll be CD cos of the flavours/options and price).

    I am worried about one thing. I'm in uni, I do a lot of theatre and I socialise a lot. Which involves drinking alcohol. Obviously alcohol is the scourge of SS, but I know (and I am fully prepared to admit this) I would find it virtually impossible to abstain from alcohol for however long SS takes. I think if I was allowed alcohol once a week (and we're talking student amounts here), I could handle it. I know that drinking alcohol on SS is dangerous, unpleasant and really sets your weight loss back.

    I'm thinking that maybe now isn't the right time to start CD. How long do you have to abstain for, and even when you no longer have to abstain, is your intake limited (i.e. in the later steps)?

    Are we all completely sure alcohol is a no-no on SS? Even one night a week?

    I guess this all makes me sound completely alcohol-dependent.

    Anyway, I'd love your advice. Thanks all. x
  10. DQ

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    Hey John

    Alcohol is a complete no-no. Your liver is working hard as it is - adding alcohol to the mix whilst doing SS is just too much.

    I had a client who was convinced giving up alcohol would be the straw that broke the camel's back, but she actually found that as the weight came off, the keto-high, etc that she didn't miss alcohol at all. She went to birthday parties, a Robbie Williams concert, etc and didn't touch a drop.

    It's about priorities I guess. The first time you do a VLCD is like a golden time - are you prepared to put in what it takes to make this work for you? Weight loss for men is fantastic - for example, a male client of mine lost 8 stone in 15 weeks :eek: - don't you think it's worth it for the amount of time it would take?

    CD has various steps. SS, AAM and 790
    1000 cals
    1200 cals
    1500 cals

    The last three stages are for when you are coming off the packs and returning to food. It takes approx 6 weeks to go through maintenance and stabilisation, so you need to factor that into the time it will take you to lose your weight.

    No one can make the decision for you - we can tell you the facts, but only you can decide whether you are ready to give this your best shot, or wait til later!

    Good luck mate ;)
  11. ArmsOfAnAngel

    ArmsOfAnAngel Full Member

    That has put my worries at ease about feeling too drainned to do things as I am working 40 hours a week and studying CIMA (Management Accountancy) to. But I suppose on an up side you do not have to food shop (O/H might be joing me, if not can do the food), and you can make a shake and study it is a lot less time out of an evening.

    Can I ask did any of you feel drainned/tired the first few weeks?
  12. DQ

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    The first few weeks can be a bit of a drag for some people while their bodies adjust, but it does get better :)
  13. RacieTracie

    RacieTracie Full Member

    oooh, I hope so!!!
    Every time I do this diet, I feel totally rough!

    Im on day 11 now so I'm hoping that I will start to feel alot better soon!

    Great advice everyone:D

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