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starting the gym

Hi all,

I am new to this part of the site, but although i am not at my goal - i feel it is time that i start moving up the plans and begin to incorporate the gym and exercise back into my life.

I have completed 10 weeks on SS, 2 on SS+, and today is the last day of 2 weeks on 810, with planning to move to 1000 tomorrow - in readiness for the gym on Thursday night!

I have felt ok with 810, as its just protein and veg and i have pretty much still not felt 'hungry' as such, but i have to admit to being nervous with how i will feel with adding carbohydrates...

can anyone else let me know how they felt? do you suddenly become starving all day every day? i think i am more scared of the unknown rather than the issue of possible over eating - as i have 100% all other levels, so i am hoping my willpower will out on this one too!

thanks for stopping by.

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Stubborn tortoise
No sudden starvation for me... I was amazed at how much i could eat on 1000 and it felt very naughty too, allowing carbs at last. I think you'll love it, don't worry, enjoy!!!

I second what Katy says, there is still the structure there, you aren't being cast adrift and its lovely!! Best of luck and keep us posted x
Hi, I am early on in my CD journey so no advice but just wanted to say it is great to read about someone who is working up through the plans and doing so well as you are...I am aiming to follow suit...I have the same worries about dealing with 'real' food again and kicking off all those cravings!! Best wishes on continued success.
The start of 1000

Hi all

Thanks for your kind comments, i have nearly completed my 1st day on 1000, and it didnt go too badly!

Have to say, i ache like hell from the gym on Monday! I went for a re-program, as hadnt been since before I started CD and boy am i feeling it! Sitting on the loo is a feat in itself!!!

I had Alpen for breakfast, and green salad for lunch interspersed with the 2 CD's and then had NEW POTS, chicken in piri piri herbs and some dry fry veg, with fresh strawberries picked from my very own garden! HOW MUCH FOOD???? and who would have thought that a glass of squash mixed with fizzy water would EVER taste so good???

Question - the book kind of plans it out for you, but do you have to stick to the breakfast/lunch/dinner thing, or can you have some rice with your salad and then have a 810 type meal in the evening?

also, popped into Asda on way home today, and bought a pair of size 14 trousers!!! woop woop!!

i think me posting on here is really helping, even if no-one reads it!! so drop by tomorrow night for the next installment if you fancy it!



Trying to stay healthy!
Hey izzycat, welcome to the maintenance forum! Glad your 1st 1000 day went so well, it does seem alike a lot of food to start out doesn't but very enjoyable! You'd be fine to have your rice with lunch, i used have my breakfast egg with my lunch salad, it's up to you how you get the food in.
Good idea on keeping a log of your journey it can be very helpful.

have a fab day

Thanks guys,

yesterday went ok, and i hit the gym after work - went ok - couldnt believe how much easier it is to jog being 3 stone lighter!

still enjoying the increased food allowance - had shredded wheat for breakfast this morning, a little tough going with no fruit on top, may stick to the alpen for a bit till i can have something with it.

enjoy your day

People are reading your thread, normally I would just read and not comment because I'm new to all this but earlier you said that this helped even if people didn't read it, keep posting please, it's a real inspiration to see your progress and very helpful to me.


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