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Starting Thursday!!


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Hello how is everybody??

I am officially starting on thurs after thinking about it for so long lol! Can't wait to get started.. I'm going shopping tomorrow for all my food, has anyone got any good tips on what to buy as in weight watchers products etc?? I am gonna use most points on healthy fresh stuff but would like to get some ww things just for treats and convenience for when I can't be bothered to cook! :D
What do you guys snack on most of the time??
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plodding away
Hi Kerry :welcome:

Good luck with starting ww Thursday, are you going to class or going it alone?

I do use some ww products but try and eat more non processed foods when I can. I love the frozen lemon chicken risotto and take that to work when I'm working afternoons. The chilled sausage with onion gravy is good too although portion size is a tad small :) so I bulk it up with more veg

Snacks I have fruit, yogurts, crisps, oatcakes with cheese/houmus or anything else I fancy at the time. Its just a matter of finding what works for you.

Good luck.


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
my stock items are:

  • extra light cream cheese with garlic and herbs
  • wholewheat pasta (same as white pasta points wise but keeps you feeling full for longer)
  • passata/chopped tomatos
  • baking potatos
  • frylight
  • herbs and spices (esp paprika)
  • fish such as scallops, river cobbler, crayfish.
  • chicken breast
  • Flora lighter than light spread
  • skimmed milk
  • kingsmill 50/50 crustless bread
  • crumpets


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Hello I'm going it alone! got a points calculator and might buy some of the books online. Thanks for the ideas. I feel like its gonna take me a while to get the hang of all the points, I feel confused already lol. I have already made myself a points diary chart to keep track of points through out the day to stop me feeling so confused! I know i'll end up forgetting what I've had otherwise. The first few days will be worst whilst I get the hang of how many points to have for breakfast and lunch and still leave enough left for tea. I sound really stupid dont i lol. How many points do you tend to have for your snacks?


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i have a tracker sheet you can print out, i'll attach it to here

i think i've attached it right?

i dont tend to snack if i do, i know i'll go over board like i have recently and binged. the only way it works for me, is no treats



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Oh wow thanks! thats loads better than mine lol, think I will use this instead! Yes I am thinking the same about snacks, you sound like me i find if i go with nothing between meals then i'm fine, but once I start snacking i find it hard to stop!!I'm thinking maybe apples and grapefruit just to keep my metabolism going. gonna see how I get on like that :)


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah i do snack on sugar free jelly, fruit and mini milks. the jelly is 0pts, fruit is pointed and mini milks are 0.5pts each. but i limit myself to one mini milk every couple of days or when my boyfriend comes over which is when i tend to binge.


plodding away
You'll do fine Kerry planning is the key to it for me. If I dont plan I get into such a mess. At the least I plan today what I am going to have tomorrow and at best plan the whole week. I usually keep 2 points back for a late evening snack while watching the tv.


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I am trying to plan already. think i will write all my meals out for the next few days when I've been shopping and know exactly what ive got in. I'm gonna buy some ice lollies and sugar free jelly too, thats already on my list:) and fruit. I cant wait to get started, hope I do well!!


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Planning is key! If i dont plan i go off track. I also think its important to snack. It keeps you "fuller for longer". Im very good with it though and have them at "snack times" :giggle: I refuse to have anything else and i get asked alot at work! I just know that the weight loss is worth it :D

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