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starting to lose faith :(

This is now the second week on weigh in where ive sts :sigh:
Ive not cheated this week at all maybe I havent drank enough water perhaps?
So the only thing ive come up with out of my snacks I use one of my 100 cals for tea/coffee during the day,I average about 10 cups a day maybe I should be setting out to use 200 cals for that?

I just dont know but to have 2 weeks where Ive shifted nothing Im feeling really annoyed and just thinking whats the point?
Yes I want to lose more weight and not only that I want to be fitter and healthier too but seeing no results for 2 weeks I just feel blahhhhhhhh :cry:
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oooh cherrysabs hun...try not to feel deflated with it all. Its probably your body getting used to the diet and adjusting to its new calroific intake. How much water are you drinking and are you taking excersize into your programme as well??


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Iv had some weeks of a sts wi and i don't drink anything other than water, so i'm not sure its all down to this but do you have sugar and milk in your tea/coffee ? Have you tried green tea as this is meant to be great although i cant stand it :(

I think when on a life changing diet we have to take these sts weeks with a pinch of salt and not lose faith in what we are doing, because our long term goal is to be healthy. I know myself how easy it is to think hmmm sts week ( what the hell did i put myself through this past week for exactly ) when i sts, but in all honesty when you look at the bigger picture what your doing is amazing ( easier said than done i know ) but plz don't feel so disheartened by what your scales say, i also have a great post i found on this site that will reinforce what i have said but in better words.

Keep up your good work and we all know how you feel because we have all most likely been where u are now.


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Hope this helps :)

Originally Posted by KD

Fact: Stick to the plan and you definitely lose weight
Fact: You can control what you put in your mouth
Fact: You cannot control what the scales say.

So what do you celebrate? The scales showing a loss, or the fact that you kept to the diet all week?

What if you stick to the diet, but the scales don’t reflect your effort? Will you be disappointed, even though you have done everything correctly and couldn’t possibly do any better? Knowing that you will have lost weight…but it didn’t mean anything because the scales are giving the wrong result?

What if you ‘cheat’ and the scales show a big loss…does that mean you’ve succeeded and need a pat on the back?

Or even if you’ve been 100% and the scales are showing a loss? Does it mean more to you? Does that mean you’ve done even better than 100%?

I think the scales are a wonderful tool. I weigh daily, and love seeing them give the same reading day in and out, but that’s not what I really celebrate.

I celebrate being in control of what I put in my mouth, because that’s what I have done. I don’t celebrate what the scales say.

So if you’ve stayed the same one week, or just lost that one pound….if you’ve kept to the diet 100%, then be proud, because that’s what it’s all about. Stick to the diet and the weight is coming off….whether or not the scales agree. And you’re worth the same amount of applause than those who have lost more.

1lbs, 1 stone, it doesn’t matter. You can’t do better than 100% after all ;)

So do me a favour, and next time you go to your CDC for a weigh in, if you’ve been 100%, go in rejoicing.

Tell him/her you are going to be one of their success stories, because you were in control this week and will be next. If the scales reflect this, that’s just the icing on the cake. You’ve lost weight anyway. You don’t need a mechanical instrument to tell you whether you are in control or not ;)

Oooh. A nice big font....cos I think this is important:cool:


in my dreams!!!!!!
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hi sweetie, i know how you feel hun, when you think what you haven't eaten all week and haven't even lost 1 lb its soul destroying:cry: but what might be happening is that you are losing in inches not lbs:eek:

don't give up with it cos eventually if you are being good it will show, it has to!

are you exercising at all cos something else i read said that as you're toning up will initially weigh heavier until your body gets used to it. don't know if this is true or not cos some of the ladies on here are exercising and losing big time:)

hope you stick with it cos it sounds like you can and it would be a shame x:wave_cry:
As for milk in tea/coffee yes I do but skimmed milk only and I dont take sugar.

And exercise im doing school run which is 15 mins there and back 2 x a day and ive just started on a exercise machine but at the mo only managing 15 mins a time lol!
S: 12st4lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 0st6lb(3.49%)
Cheerysabs, thats great on your excersize and if you keep going with the diet and excersize then you WILL loose weight. If you are quite new to excersize then muscle does weigh heavier than fat, and it does take a few weeks well you muscles are toning up for the loose to show on the scales as you body is presently converting some fat to muscle mass. Maybe try using tape measure on your waist, hips, thighs arms etc, and you will probably find you are losing inches. Before Christmas this is what was happening to me, and its so dis heartening....but stick to it - now I am starting to see a loose on the scales - but its taken a long time xx
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Yes don't lose heart, you'll start to shift those pounds again you just need to stick with it. Sometimes our bodies end up retaining water etc (esp if you are due on) and may be a reason why you haven't shown a loss.

But don't give in, the plan does work if you stick with it. I know what it's like to lose heart if those scales don't move. But at least you've stayed at the same weight and haven't put anything on. Last time I was on SF I lost 3 stone, got down to 12 stone and was so pleased with myself, but then my weight stuck at 12 stone and I couldn't seem to get past it. I hate to admit it but I gave in, I shouldn't have I should have stuck with it and got past that 12 stone mark. In 18 months I put back on 2 stone so now need to start again. So please don't give in, you will get there!

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