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Starting to struggle and its only day 2 :o(

Only on day 2 n I keep thinking of having something tiny 'it won't hurt' but at the minute my will power is doing it's job.
I think I am finding it hard cos I keep getting lumps in my shakes which is making me gag!

Feeling weak and slightly tired, I'm sure I shouldn't feel like this so soon. A little headache that has now gone, but I suffer from alot of them anyway so nothing new!

I have a day off work tomorrow, which I always end up eating half the day away b'cos I'm bored so will be putting my tree up, which will prob take an hour so will have to find something else to fill my day!
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hi the first few days are the toughest if you can get throught till day 4 it gets easier.
i had the same trouble with my shakes being lumpy and was advised on here to get a shaker (cdc sells them) and i swear by mine there are never lumps in mine anymore.
as for the boredom i started knitting which sounds sad at 30 but ive made some lovely scalves for people as xmas pressies.
not much advice as ive only been doing this 4 weeks but good luck
jenny xx
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clean your house too. go out for a walk. get a nice coffee (americano). wrap pressies if you still need to do that. just do anything that will keep you busy.


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If you've got a day off tomorrow, how about picking yourself up a cheap electric blender and whizzing up those shakes with some ice, McD style? Gotta admit I'd find it pretty tough to keep going if I kept finding lumpy bits.:eek: It's a shame your Mum couldn't have sent you some tetras. :( Too heavy to post, I s'pose? What about porridge - have you got any of those?
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Keep on the plan KeighleyJo! I have decided to spend my now free eating time on the internet catching up on podcasts and once that is done I will be alphabetising my DVDs and then I will probably start on my books...anything to stop me thinking about food.
Sending you good vibes!
Love Cx


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Hi hun stick with it! On my second time round (I done cd in two parts n am finally at goal) day 2 was my worst don't know why but hey we are all different! Look at it that you done day one so why waste it. Thats what I do then I count down to day 5 knowing il be in ketosis then I count down to one full week then two. I find after two weeks I'm flying n there's no looking back! But break it down to smaller goals! The best thing I use for hunger us sparkling water with cd flavouring before cd I couldn't stand sparkling water but workfare flavouring I love it n it really tricks your tummy to feeling full! As for the day off I'd take a walk yes a walk lol to the shop n treat yourself to some indulgent toiletries go for a filter coffee n head home for a shake n a long soak! That's just me though. Lol hope it helps! Xx
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day 2 was the worst for me - I went into Ketosis on day 4 and then was flying - keep thinking of that weekly weigh in - are you weighing yourself ?

Don't give in you'll feel 10 times worse if you do ! you can do this !!

Nothing tastes as good as that weight loss feels :) :)

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Just take it a day/hour at a time.It gets so much easier after the first few days.


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The first few days are bloody tough - keep going.

I use a blender for my shakes and it gets rid of all the lumps. Like Lily said, is fantastic wizzed up with ice.

Stay strong - just think how fab you will feel when you have your first weigh in.

Stay strong my lovely - YOU CAN DO THIS

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