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Starting Today.....

I've done Slimming World before with some success, but have fallen off the wagon! Back with determination from today.

Green Day today:

Breakfast - 2 weetabix (HEB) & Semi Sk milk (HEA) and a pear.

Snack - Low fat yogurt.

Lunch - Quorn bolognaise & pasta and a clementine.

Dinner - Quorn pieces cooked in olive oil (HEB) with kidney beans, chilli, mushrooms and onions, chopped tomatoes with rice.

Snack - Banana

Tea through the day with the remainder of my milk allowance.

Syns - 125ml white wine (hard day!) = 4
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You could have a few more syns than that Hun!!!

Also eat more fruit and veg, other wise this really will feel like your'e on a diet!
Thanks - I felt like I was eating loads! I have a fruit bowl on my desk, so I'll keep picking at that. For some reason I have it in my head not to eat lots of syns, but I'm going to have a look at the list again to see what treats I can have.
Have a look at some of the Food diaries too, they should give you some ideas Hun.

Green Day again today:

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HEB) & semi skimmed milk (HEA), banana
Snack: Low fat yogurt
Lunch: Quorn bolognaise & pasta, apple
Snack: Skips (4.5 syns), clementine
Dinner: Quorn pieces, kidney beans, chilli, tomatoes & onions with rice and mixed vegetables.
Snack: 1 kit kat finger(3) , small glass of wine (5.5)
Milk in tea throughout the day.

Syns today = 13. I've realised now though that I've only had one B Healthy Extra - need to plan better as I'm just about to go to bed and can't eat anything else!
Green Day again!
Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HEB) + semi skimmed milk (HEA), low fat yogurt
snack: 2 finger kit kat (5.5 syns)
Lunch: Large mixed salad and leftover quorn chilli + wholemeal roll
Snack: Pear
Dinner: Bachelors pasta 'n' sauce mixed with mushrooms
small glass of wine (5.5 syns)
Syns = 11

Need to eat more fruit!
Breakfast: Toast - 2 thicker slices of bread (all I had, need to shop tomorrow) - (2 x HEB)
Lunch: Couscous with tomatoes and mushrooms
Snacks: Banana, Clementine, Kit Kat (5.5 syns), milk in tea (HEA), wine: 6
Dinner: Batchelors pasta n sauce with broccoli and 3 mini babybel light (HEA)
Syns today = 11.5
Need to exercise!
Bit late posting Friday's diary. WI today and only lost 1lb, it is TOTM so hopefully I'll lose more next week. I'm also going to start adding exercise in here as an added incentive.

Breakfast: 2 slices of toast - medium slices so 2xHEXB & low fat spread (1 syn)
Snack: Banana, apple
Lunch: Baked Potato with spinach and low fat cheese (HEXA)
Snack: clementine, kit kat (5.5 syns)
Dinner: Pasta salad mixed with veg
Syns for the day - 6.5

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