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Starting tomorrow. Any advice welcome.

Hey all

Well today I ordered my kit to arrive tomorrow, so I will officially start tomorrow and I cant wait.

I have a 16 week old little boy and although I didn't put too much weight on during my pregnancy I still have a good 6-7 stone to lose.

I have ordered a months supply and I will take it from there. Could anyone let me know any tips, or favorite shakes/soups?

Ive been out and got a smoothie maker to hopefully make the shakes nice with lots of cold ice.

I would also love some positive stories for motivation and what you lost in the first few months.

Sorry for all the questions but any advice would be great.:)

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I'm only on day two, but it's already starting to get a bit easier - think that's because i've been drinking tea like there's no tomorrow!!
Hi LittlemissD,

I am starting tomorrow and my wee boy is also 16 weeks so snap! lol.

I have been messing about for the past couple of months replacing one meal a day with either a shake or soup but i am going onto Total Solutions tomorrow ;)

I was quite surprised to find that banana is my favourite shake (made with plenty ice) and that mushroom is my favourite soup. Love both bars although i'm more fond of the chocolate orange one.

Good luck x


Gotta Make A Change
Hi, Only thing i can say is make sure you drink plenty of water :)
other than that work hard and the results will come

my friend is starting on saturday as she only ordered packs today, but i hope you reach your target quick
Take one day at a time. I am on Day Four and it seemed daunting doing this for months on end, but just thinking about today and getting through it really helps. To be honest my head is in the right place at the moment and I haven't had any cravings, but just keep on focussing on why you are doing this if you do.
Try the shakes hot- they last longer and are lovely in this weather. Just mix with cold water into a paste then add hot water. Yum!

I would say keep busy too, especially for the first few days because it distracts you from thinking about food. Try and plan stuff even if it is nothing exciting to get you out the house

As soon as you are into ketosis the hunger goes and you feel happy and light and so much better so it is worth sticking out a few days of not feeling great. When I did LL for 4 months I literally was not hungry for at least 3 of them! It is so nice to feel the weight coming off it bouys you up through the first few days and then eventually it just gets to be habit.

I would say try to stick 100%- if you let yourself slip a bit (e.g. I will just have one little biscuit, or one carrot) you will push it further and further whereas if you set very strict rules to yourself it is much easier to stick to.

Good luck and have fun! It is worth it
I like to use only a little water, and a couple of icecubes if I have them, annd whizz it up until it's light and thick, then eat it with a spoon. Vanilla is nice mixed with coffee. The soups are better with added herbs and spices, I use the grinders . Good luck.
I find avoiding the kitchen has helped massively!!!

I also go and do something in my room to avoid the smells of cooking permeating through the house when dinner's being cooked!
Thank you all so much. Day one is going OK. I had the strawberry shake for breakfast, it wasn't great, but OK. Then half the soup and half an orange bar for lunch and I have the same for dinner. I have put on another post about my friends and family not being very supportive, so its great to come on here and talk to you lot. In a way the way they all are just makes me want to prove I can do it even more.

Thanks again D xxx
Sorry your freinds and familly arn't being suportive.

I havn't and don't plan to tell mine what I'm doing, so it nice to come and get support from like-minded people on the board who understand the situtaion.
Glad today is going well for you, good idea to split your packs that way.

You'll always find support on minimins, it'll really help you along the way.


Gotta Make A Change
im starting on sunday to lose the last 7lbs and just help my friend get through the first couple of weeks with me supporting her :)

anyway i wish you the best
and you always find unsupportive people trying to throw you off, but dont let it dampen your mood, and hit that goal target and show off ;)

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