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Starting tomorrow! Plus Skin question!


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right my weekend of eating is finally coming to an end and i have my shakes lined up for tomorrow!
im so excited but i know the hunger is gonna hurt so much! lol

just another question please :)

after eating so much crAp for so many years, and after 9 months of pregnancy hormones, my skin has ended up such a mess.
it has on and off days of being oily, then dry, then combi.

has anyone found their skin to be in better condition when they have been on CD?
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S: 20st13lb C: 19st3lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 1st10lb(8.19%)
i'm only on day 5 but have seen a definite improvement in my skin (it's usually both dry and oily and spotty - attractive!)

G: 12st0lb
All the water will make your skin glow, my did and my hair and nails inproved no end as well. I re- start cd tommorow so we will be at the same stage. I have been through this before having lost 5 stones from my heaviest so if you have any questions , over the next few days just ask. I will probaly be on the forum a lot to keep me away from temptation! LOL


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hiya kim,

i have noticed real improvements in both my skin and my nails.
the biggest key however is to drink plenty of water as i have noticed my skin goes dry if i dont drink enough but as long as i keep my fluids high i have improved skin.
would also like to welcome you to the world of shakes, gl with ur first week, hang in there, it can be tough but the rewards are great :)
Oooooh Kim good luck hun!! :) Come on msn tomorrow and let me know what they taste like and how you manage. I have my meeting at 7pm tomorrow so will let you know how it goes then Tuesday I will be starting too wooopdewoooop :)
I have been on the Cambridge before and am starting back today. I found that my skin really improved, i have know spots and my complection went to a naturally looking healthy glow. However in the first week i noticed my skin was a little worse than normal but i think this was done to the impureaties coming out of my body (think i spelt that wrong impureaties lol) Anyway im wishing you luck, coming back to it is harder than starting for the first time. So keep it up once you start. If you wanna eat go an do something nice eg: Have a relax bath, read a box, paint your nails, shave your legs, tidy the house, anything that you find distracts you. The first couple of days are the worst. I found that after the first couple of weeks i missed chewing, but i think having the bars where what made me fail. Everyone has there different ways of getting through the weight lose. my goal is my holiday in July. Im sure you will do fab. Good luck. Oh an your skin will be glowing in know time.
hi hun hows it going with ur first shake?

my skin has really improved since being on cd thats the first thing people notice before the weight loss.

anyway good luck with ur first day remember ur water the more the better xx


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:Dthanks everyone

im on my first shake now... its delicious! (strawberry)

i just hope the other flavours i got are as nice! (toffee & choc&mint) :D
Oh you mentioning Strawberry has bought back horrible memories, that is the main one along with banana that i can not stomach.

Im in the same boat as you in that i have started back today. Good Luck
G: 12st0lb
Hi kim

Hows it going hun? I have had a banana for brekfast and a chilli for lunch with a couple of splashes of tabasco sauce(chilli addict ) and so far so good . Drinking plenty , I filled up a 2 litre clear plastic jug with a lid I bought form Asda as I dont like it it really cold so I leave it in the kitchen and every time I walk past I pour myself a little glass , and its going down a treat so far, it helps that I can see it going down I think. Keep strong and if you need anything just shout.


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yeah ive been drinking plenty of water..
ive bought an evian sports bottle.... i drink so much when drinking out of these bottles so will keep refilling
ive had 4 litres already!


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S: 18st1lb C: 18st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Day one for me, just wanted to say good luck with it all!

I had Choc shake this morning which wasn't bad.

just about to do spicy tomato for lunch.

Water going down slowly, have got the water flavourings but the book said not to have these for 2 weeks.

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