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Starting tomorrow! Wish me luck please :)

I've had two months supply of Exante staring at me for too long, and am now going to bite the bullet and get on with it (prompted a little by a less than flattering comment from the OH, who didn't mean it as bad as it sounded but none the less...)

I've ordered the mixed pack by mistake so will be tolerating the soups (I hate soup!) to boot. Will try and work out goal weights and find tickers and all stuff....

please feel free to boot me up the bum, I need it!
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good luck xxxxx we should all arrange a swap shop for soups/shakes as we all have different tastes LOL

its not that bad most of the stuff tastes quite nice, but good luck with your first week and beyond


Get through each day.
good luck....let us know how you get on. the veg and mush soups are good but the tom and chicken ones are vile!
Thanks! It's the soup I'm dreading to be honest!!!!

Off to do some errands and then going to hop on the wii and weigh myself... eeek x
i like chicken but tomato isnt great is it! LOL


Amusing Title.
how was ur first day? x
Well... doing ok!!!
I've worn myself out - went on mammoth school uniform shopping trip a few miles away, and then trekked into town and back out again carrying many litres of water and ice! Had the banana shake at around 11, then half a bar at 4, just downed the chicken soup as fast as I could, so I have half the choc orange bar saved for the nibblies in a bit. Did have a coke zero in town as it was 3pm and all I'd had was the one shake and was feeling the pepsi max withdrawl - not feeling too bad as I remember from my CD days that coke zero is supposedly 'ok' - something to do with no citric acid. However, don't plan on doing it again :) Only had the one litre of water so far (plus a black cup of tea which is how I drink it anyways) so going to try for at least another 500ml on top.

The soup, well... had the thai chicken, made it with 200ml water (how I have the shakes) blended it and added black pepper, salt and chili flakes... WELL burnt the roof of my mouth off (maybe not a bad thing :D ) as I was clearly overexcited with the chili but the consistency was vile - incredibly thick and frothy. Definitely going to use a lot more water next time. If I can get it runny-ish like a normal cup a soup I think the chicken will just about be palateable!

Just weighed myself too so going to update that... hope everyone else has had a good day!!! x


Amusing Title.
weird isnt it, i like it thick! and i have coke zero every day, on top of my 3 litres of water x
ok so much for saving the rest of the bar I couldn't get the taste of the soup out my mouth so it followed pretty quick :8855:


Get through each day.
i found that if you mix the soup with cold water and then heat up conventionally in saucepan then it doesn't go frothy....as opposed to adding the mix to hot water.
Thanks I'll try that today :)

Well despite having the bar and loads of water I could taste the soup all night till I felt a touch ick, so not sure about that one again :/

On the upside, treated myself to the vanilla shake this morning! :D yum yum yum

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