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Starting tomorrow

Hi all.

I'm going to have another go at sole sourcing as of tomorrow. It's my dad's 65th birthday dinner tonight and we're off out for a meal or else I'd have started today.

I successfully lost 3st 2lbs between June and September 2007, then between September 2007 and now, I have put 3st 4lbs back on :mad:.

I've been trying to calorie count, and do weight watchers but I just can't do it! I found Lighter Life really easy - even though those around me were amazed that I could do it - I think seeing half a pound drop off every day does the trick. along with dropping a dress size each month.

I'm dreading the first three days though until ketosis kicks in...I might be posting on here, and moaning a lot!
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Good luck with the restart - and well done on your previous loss!

Don't go mad at dinner tonight, it'll help the ketosis fairy.

Hope it goes well! And post on here - if anything it might take your mind off things lol!

Loopy x


please try again
good luck on your restart, on day 6 of one here, i found those 3 days a heck of a lot better than i was expecting.

i split my packs to make 6 meals so one every few hours, it kept my blood sugars more stable, only had a slight headache for a few hours


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Have a nice meal tonight and good luck for tomorrow!!! although I guess you already know what to expect. I found that writing down the hunger pangs and putting them on a scale of 1-10 and writing how long they last focussed me on the fact that they do pass!!!
Hey, that;s a good idea Summayah - about splitting the packs. I've never done that before!!! Well, it's 14 hours since I last ate, and I'm now on my first chocolate shake, and 500mls of water.

I've got lots to take my mind off it today as the house is a TIP and it needs tidying from top to bottom


Restart 3/9/2013
That should kep you busy then Yo-Yo! Stick some music on loud and get stuck in to that cleaning!!!!

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