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starting Wednesday!! any advice?


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S: 21st5.8lb C: 20st1.5lb G: 11st11.3lb BMI: 44.1 Loss: 1st4.3lb(6.1%)
hiya everyone, thanks for my welcome from my other post!
Well i have been intouch with a CDC, ive got to go tomorrow night, she suggested buying 2 weeks worth incase i dont like the flavours which is a good idea as she lives miles away from me, god knows how im going to find where she is! im pants with directions lol!
Does any one get them sent to them? that would be much easier!
ive got to go on SS+ as i would need my doctors permission if i want to do just SS and to be honest io cant be bothered to go to my docs, so ill just have the 200mls of skimmed milk as i dont want to have any food.
Can any one reccomend any flavours? what do you love/like/hate?
im not getting any thing other than skakes, i dont like soups,
ohhh im soooo excited!! cant wait to get going,
so how much did you all lose the first week?
sorry im rambling, im getting a few beers inside me lol before i have to give them up!
Do you reccomend i get the fibre 89? like trying to push a rugby ball out a plug hole best of times, OMG did i just say that so sorry lol!!!
ok best go, any advice greatly received!!
thank you lots :)

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Hiya, welcome to CD!

Ok i have been doing this for 5 weeks so i will do my best.

1. Try to have an alcohol free day before you start. I stopped drinking 2 days before i started.

2. Have a low carb meal the evening before you start. This should help with the carb withdrawls. I had chicken, brocolli and carrot/swede for dinner the night before i started. I had absolutely NO carb withdrawls. But obviously everyone is different. Just try to avoid a last night binge. I was in Ketosis by the 3rd day. I also didnt feel hungry.

3. Get the choc shakes, they are my fav. The choc mint tastes just like options if made with hot water (but not boiling)

4. You can have green tea, coffee, tea, mint tea, nettle tea and water. Get some sweetex tablets if you like it sweet. But only 1 per drink. You can get water flavourings but they are not recommended for the first 2 weeks as they CAN kick some people out of ketosis. If you absolutely hate water as i did before i started im sure your cdc will let you have some as mine did.

5. If you work or go to college or whatever, get some tetra bricks as they are sooo handy. Making a shake at work is no fun and if you are nervous about other people knowing you are on CD (though you shouldnt be) a carton is the easy option.

6. Try a couple of soups. But get a hand blender if you do as it makes the experience sooo much more pleasant. I loved the oriental chilli the first week until i made a lumpy one. Since then i just cant stomach any soups.

7. Remember your tastes will change. So just because you dont like something the first week doesnt mean you wont in a months time. I hated the cartons at first, now i love them!

8. WATER drink loads. About 3-4 litres a day. Sip it through the day as it helps flush out the ketones left over from the fat burned. Try upping your water tomorrow. You will go for a wee ALOT to start off with until your body gets used to it. But even then you will go more often than you used to.

9. Fibre 89 was a must for me. Finally at the 5th week the constipation is righting itself but some people experience the oposite. My advice on this is, if you have history of constipation, get some fibre 89 from your cdc or some husks which are mentioned on these forums tho i cant remember the full name.

10. Dont overdoo your exercise. Carry on doing the normal amount of exercise your body is used to. I sometimes get light headed if i bend down and up quick. IF this happens, sit down and drink water.

I hope this helps. Goodluck. Remember, its not easy but stick with it and you WILL see results. I lost 7.5 pounds the first week. I have lost 18lbs in 4 weeks. Its my WI tomorrow! Everyone is different. Some people have lost nearly a stone the first week. Just remember there will be times when you dont lose weight on the scales so measure yourself. Your thighs, arms, waist, bust and hips. Keep a record. Sometimes you dont lose weight but lose inches. My last bit of advice. If you REALLY feel you need some food. DONT go and eat chips or other carbs. IF you have to have something, have a ss+ meal instead of your milk. At least then you are not breaking the diet. As a result you have no need to feel bad about eating. I have some frozen haddock in the freezer (obviously duh! hehe) it cooks from frozen. JUst use herbs. Cayenne pepper is good, mixed herbs, things like that.

Ok im done lol i will shut up.

Good Luck!



miss piggy

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Great advice burgerbun!!!
I agree with everything. Just remember that the first few days will be hard but it is definitely worth it!!! You will feel fabulous before you know it!


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Hi Nikki,
Not much to add to the above. It is good to know that you don't like the soups now, rather than finding out. I'm the same. I would seriously reccomend the porridge though. I always get 7 for breakkie and have it with a little bit of Toffee & walnut shake mixed in. Yum.

Don't forget you can have the shakes hot, which really helps this cold weather. My favourite is the Chocolate Mint - I find it hard to go back to plain Chocolate now, so get a few of those. Toffee & Walnut is also really lovely hot. Also the Chocolate tetras, warmed and with some hot water added as they are too rich on their own, is gorgeous!

Get yourself a ticker and come on here lots! Good luck.

PS Definitely get Fibre 89. I've used it since day one.


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hiya i started the cd diet in feb and lost 8 lbs in my 1st week on my 2nd WI i had hit a stone, i finished in the june and i lost 4 stone goin from 15.4 to 11.4 im now back on it to try and hit the 10 stone marker i have to admit its sooo hard getting back on to it now but when i started in feb i was so determined i was fed up with being fat and im so happy with the results i got. your love it, the 1st 3 days are hard but stick it out ur love the results!!! Good Luck x


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S: 21st5.8lb C: 20st1.5lb G: 11st11.3lb BMI: 44.1 Loss: 1st4.3lb(6.1%)
thank you so much for your advice, im ready to do this now!
Tomorrow is my last food day but ill go careful,
ive been on atkins before so i reckon the withdrawals with be the same so i know they dont last long,
think ill be a regular on here!
thank you for all your help, cant wait to tuck into my hot cho mint shakes!!!