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Starting when poorly :(


Slowly but surely!
Hi All :wave_cry:

Ive been really looking forward to my start tommorrow but ive had a dicky tummy this weekend and am not sure if I should wait for it to pass first, I really want to just go for it but thought id ask you lovely people for your opinion ! :confused:
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Crawling to the finish!
Hey hunny, I would just go for it :) Maybe being curled up on the couch ill could help. The first time I went on the diet I had a really bad chest infection and Im thinking maybe it helped haha x


Slowly but surely!
Thanks YumyMumy im just gutted ive missed out of saying goodbye to some JD this weekend lol Im so ready now lol


Crawling to the finish!
haha JD will be there when you are nice and slim, and you'll be able to drink it guilt free :) Good luck, stay positive X
Ah Poor you!! I will see how you feel tomorrow as its tough to start with!! When i first started it gave me a dicky tummy and i was stuck to the loo (sorry if TMI). So maybe it wont make a difference anyway??
Good luck with wat ya decide, will look out for your WI next week!


I will be skinny again!!!
Hope it feels better...

But maybe the bad tummy will help as you wont want to eat...

Just aslong as you can keep the shakes down.. xx
give it a go if your feeling of it you wont want to eat just ensure you drink plenty of clear liquids black tea/coffee water cold/warm to keep you rehydrated

All the best


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hey! hope you feel better soon!!:)
Just give it a whirl and if you feel like it is making you worse stop and start when you are fully recovered!
Whichever you decide to do good luck and keep us all posted! :D
I say go for it :) As long as your not throwing up and drink plenty of water + shakes youll be fine! Good luck!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I'd say go for it too, you'll be drinking plenty of water anyway and it could help you recover quicker as well as you'll be flushing out all the toxins from your body. The first week is kind of like a detox. :) Go for it hunni xxx


Slowly but surely!
Thanks everyone! Ive decided to go for it and have just been sorting through my bag and realise a stupid error ive made, I start tomorrow and have my first weigh in a week monday at 3pm, now how stupid do I feel now ive realise I wont have enough shakes to get me that far DOH!! So im going to call tomorrow to see if I can change my weigh in to Saturday mornings!! My shaker seems awfully big for the amount of water you use, Im asuming this is so you get all the lumps out lol I start work at ten and its a mad rush with my two kids in morning so im going to start the day with a glass of water, have my first shake at 10 at work followed by lots more water, then one at 4 ish with kids having dinner then I can have one later in the evening, my biggest vice was my evening picking so im worried about that!!
Sounds like a plan :)

Well when ever your tempted to pick, come on here so everyone can talk you out of it lol


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
yup! get yourself addicted to this site! no time for picking!! lol

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