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hey chick!
im on day two toooo!!!!

i feel ok, not even had a shake yet today!

or water! OOOOpppps!
I know thats bad, actually im going to go and drink now!

im caroline by the way, nice too meet you?

we could be diet buddies?????
Hey guys,

I'm on day 8 and still starving despite being in ketosis!! WTF??!! I think its beacuse I'm in the office today and everyone else is constantly eating!! Bring on goal and normal eating ... I miss food :(

I find drinking something warm is more filling than something cold - been drinking warm water today! Hmmm! :sigh:

I'm so determined not to be tempted by food, although it is really tough today. Come on guys lets be strong together!!



jelly belly
stay buisy
stay focused and look at the before and after pics on here
just think in 5 to 6 months you will be at goal
just 20 to 24 weeks out of your life and then you`ll be slim
keep saying this to yourself
dont give in
it is hard but if you want to succeed you`ll get through this

kaz :D


Silver Member
Drink Drink Drink

Just say to yourselves - I am not eating at the moment and take away your choices. No option then just no food

The before and after photos are amazing and really keep you going - the success stories of CD are unbelievable and your weight loss will be so fast.

6 stone to loose - easy peasy should be at goal by November - come on now you know you can do it !!!!!!

Next week you will be well and truly in the ZONE and not want to eat - dont cheat or its a s--ding nightmare to get back on to it

Good luck - I am just back from hols so I have got to start all over again

This year is our year to be who we want to be - just watch yourself change !!!!!


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So did you pull yourself throught it Emma? It's got to be worth it chick, think of the shopping spree for all those new clothes :)
hey diet buddy!!!!!!
ha ha ha ha
sorry i had to go earlier!

how you doing?
im bursting for the loo all the time

i havent goven myself a set target, i am 17 stone, size 20 at moment, sneaking steadily into a 22

i want to buy an oasis size 16! or maube even a warehouse 16!
thats my goal!



Wants to be a loser!
Hey Guys,

I hope you are all ok and managing to stick with it.

Just wanted to say VDTT - I was where you are now weight wise when I started - 17 stone and wearing size 22/24 :eek:. This is the last day of week seven for me. At the end of last week I had lost 27lb and 19.5 inches :D and I am hoping to have broken the 2 stone barrier and be under 15 stone tomorrow for my WI.

I am aiming to be down to 13st 7lb and be a size 18 by mid-late july.

Lets stay focused and do this!!!!!
hi ruth!

well done thats amazing!

i am soooooo determnd, hence the name!

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