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Staying Motivated


I am one of the 63336
At the moment my motivation is knowing I'm going out for a meal with my ex-husband next week and being able to casually drop in to the conversation that I've lost 3 stone. (I've WI tonight and WI next Tuesday to lost 2.5lbs).

In the long term though it is being able to get in to the dress I wore on the last meal I had with my 1st husband before he died. Don't ask me why as I really don't know, but that's my goal.
Go Sue!! I love that motivation! Lol! For me it is imagining being more comfortable on holiday (in 20 weeks!!) and not feeling so bloated-also able to wear smaller clothes!
Apart from the obvious one of wanting to look better, my motivation is my 2 boys :heartpump:

I want to be around for them for as long as poss and I don't want them to ever be embarrassed of me ;)

That's all the motivation I need at the moment

Gail x


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For me it's to improve my health first and foremost - I have had Crohn's Disease since I was 12 and although it has eased considerably after I had half my bowel removed a few years ago, I am still plagued with horrible symptoms. Since I started SW a few weeks ago I am starting to see a positive change in my health so that's what keeping me motivated! Obviously I also want to feel and look good too especially when I am out with my friends who are very yummy mummies!! :sigh:
Mine is my little girl.She's only 3 and I'm 41 and I really want to be around for her when she gets older. I want to be able to run around , swim and do all the things I see other mums do and I struggle with at the moment. And I never want her to be embarrassed to be seen with me :eek:
Mine is simple, I want to be able to walk into any clothes shop I fancy, pick up something in a 10 or a 12, and buy it knowing it will fit and look good


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My health is my motivation. It is amazing how much better I feel after one month on sw. My blood pressure was fine when I went to see the nurse which I was so pleased by as it has previously been a little high.

I have a family holiday in July with my boyfriends family. I am the only one who is on the larger side and dont want to feel self conscious for the two weeks. If I reach my mini goal of three stone by then it would be great.
I want to feel comfortable within my own skin...

I also believe my weight holds me back in various different ways e.g. men, holidays, experiences (bungee jumping), clothing choices - sad but true.

And this is why I'm doing something about it. :D
My motivation is my wedding dress - 24 weigh-ins left until the big day!


For my health. This time last year i could barely walk due to having developed plantar fascitus. I dont ever want to not be able to walk down the stairs again or even just stand up without falling over. That is the motivation for me to get back on track. I WILL NOT GO BACK TO HOW I WAS!!!!!!!!!!


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I have a tendency towards anxiety which leads nicely to hypochondria (!!), so I'm primarily doing this for health reasons. I would also like to feel that I look nice, and not let things like clothes shopping, or social occasions leave me feeling awkward, left out, and ultimately depressed. I've never wanted to be the centre of attention, but I often feel that I am ignored or dismissed - there may be other reasons for this (not least of which my paranoia) but I think that if I feel good about myself my confidence will show through.

When I lost a stone I was on top of the world and practically strutting everywhere I went. Unfortunately I let my guard down and STS the same for about a month. I'm back on track now and looking forward to revisiting that feeling with the next stone (and the next!).


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Health and fitness is obviously a reason for me too. I have hypermobility syndrome and it affects my knees quite badly which in turn affects my martial arts. When I don't have so much weight I am hoping my knees will be able to support the rest of me better!
Im getting married next September and im not going to wear a horrible dress. I've seen the one I want and I WILL be into it by next year.

The main reason is my health, its shocking for a 26 year old, sometimes I think I need a vet to put me down instead of a doctor :p
My fiance Shane is supporting me on this and he's doing so well with the plan. Im so proud of him as I know how much of a change it was for him.
I find minimins keeps me motivated


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My kids first and foremost! To also imrove my quality of life, being more healthy and active, not being afraid to go out because of my size, and of course having a huge shopping spree when i get to goal with all the money ive saved from take aways, booze etc!
Oh I cant wait to be able to shop in Primark and not have to go to bloody Evans!


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I've just reread my post and think I was dwelling too much on the negative.

I do have a positive reason to lose weight, and that is that we want to start a family. I have a history of fertility problems and the best thing I can do for myself now, for my future family, and for a long and healthy life, is to lose weight.

I sometimes wake up and think "how did I get like this?" The problem is I've been thinking this for years, and so my ultimate motivation is to change this and not still be thinking this thought in 10 years time!
I agree with Vicky totally. Minimins is the greatest motivator!
Taz, you know how much I used to be on here lol.
It really helped me then and its helping me now.

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