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Stefanie's Food Diary - Extra Easy

Thought I'd give this a go too - any comments very welcome :) I have posted a pic of me at my heaviest even though it makes me very nervous but It is something I know I need to do:

Saturday 23 Oct

B + L

Mushroom, onion and tomato fritatta with 1 babybel light (he) and beans.
Slice cantelope melon
FF yogurt

Home made burgers wrapped in lettuce with sw wedges, mushroom, onion and beans. 2 x lf cheese slices 4 syns.

Alpen bar and ff yogurt.
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Yeah I packed my burger with loads of superfree foods, plus tomato lettuce...but I agree I could improve it. Thanks for the push :) x
Sunday 24 October
Old firm game on so went to pub for 2 bacardis and diet coke - 5 syns

B + L: One burger from last night between 2 slices ww bread (he) with onion, mushroom, tomato and a ff yogurt

S: 2 x plums

D: Lamb curry with carrot, celery, onion, leek, peppers, tomatoes and ginger served with cous cous and broccoli.
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Monday 25 October

Green Day

Egg, mushroom, onion and bacon frittata with beans. Side of cantaloupe melon and a plum.

D: Veg frittata, beans and green beans

S: 2 x alpen bars, 1 x lcel, ff yogurt and grapes.
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Tuesday 26 October

EE Day - so far:

B: Plum and Apple with a ff yogurt

L: 2 x ww bread (heb) with 2 slices of turkey and salad with 1 tbsp of light mayo (2syns) and a ff yogurt.

Goodness, this may actually be a green day....

D: Veg frittata, made with asparagus, mushroom, onion, peppers, cottage cheese and a lf cheese slice on top (hea) served with cous cous and mixed veg.

Snack for later, plum and alpen bar (heb)...possibly slice ww bread with 1 lcel.....hope I'm doing this right!! :)

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Wednesday 27 October Now with added syns :)

EE Day - so far:

B: 1 egg frittata with mushroom, onion, spinach, ff cottage cheese and 1 slice of lf cheese (he)

L: 2 x ww bread (he) and 2 slices turkey with lettuce and 1tbsp light mayo (2 syns) and a ff yogurt. Apple as well.

D: Chicken with a sauce made from 2 lcel (he) and splash milk, mustard powder, served with potatoes, savoy cabbage, asparagus. Slice of lf cheese on tatties (2syns)

S: Plum/apple/alpen light (3 syns)
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Hey there.

Your diaries look good. Only thing I would say is try and make sure you have a few more syns than you're having - you're having so few, and when you get nearer to target and you're losses slow down a bit, you won't have anything to cut back on. It took me ages to realise that having 10 syns a day is ok, and my losses tend to be better when I eat that, rather than just 4 or 5 a day.

Kirsty x
Cheers Kirsty, you are completely right...I am really struggling with the syns...even though I said this week I would eat at least 10! I might have some more mayo with dinner tonight to dip my tatties in and a alpen light and work on it from there. 10 syns tomorrow definitely!! :)

Thanks for this, it is keeping me on my toes! :) xx
Thursday 28 October

EE Day - so far:

B+L: 2 x ww bread (he) and 1 slice turkey with lettuce and 1tbsp light mayo (2 syns) and a ff yogurt. Apple as well.

D: Spaghetti Bolognese, syn free recipe with wholemeal spaghetti and side salad

S: Banana, plum, weetabix oaty bar (3.5 syns) bit of milk for tea (he)

5.5 syns today
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Friday 29 October

Weigh-in Day - Yaaaaaayyy 3 pounds be gone with you!! :)

EE Day - so far:

B: ff yogurt and pear

L: 1 egg frittata with mushroom, onion and tomato, 2 slices of ww bread (he) and 1 tbsp light mayo (2 syns)

D: Last night's leftover Bolognese, syn free recipe with wholemeal penne pasta and side salad, 1 tbsp ww creme fraiche (he)

S: Plums, grapes and weetabix oaty bar (3.5 syns)

5.5 syns today.
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Thank you!! I am well chuffed! Feel really good today and gonna eat 10 syns no problem, now that i'm less scared :) xx
Saturday 30 October

B: yogurt and a tea....rushing to dentist

L: 1 egg frittata with mushroom, onion and asparagus and beans

D: fillet steak, touch of olive oil (he) with pepper sauce (1syn), potatoes and lots of broccoli

S: glass of red wine (6 syns), grapes

7 syns
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Sunday Halloween woooo 31 October

For someone who used to drink at least 3 bottles of wine at the weekend and eat out in restaurants Friday, Saturday and Sunday...I'm doing very well! :)

B: ff yogurt

L: 1 egg frittata with bacon, mushroom, potato, broccoli and onion with 2 slices of lf cheese (hea) served with hoops.

D: leftover frittata from lunch served with broccoli and asparagus, slice of ww bread (heb), beans.

S: skimmed milk (3 syns), oaty bar (3.5 syns), apple.
Monday 1 November

B+L: ff yogurt, bacon, beans, 1 egg, 2 slices ww bread (he), 1 tbsp tomato sauce (1 syn)...not any superfree with this, but will be better tmrw.

D: chicken in a syn free tomato, spicy sauce with new potatoes, corn on the cob and large portion of broccoli.

S: small banana, tangerine, alpen light (3 syns)
Tuesday 2 November

B: No brekkie, not like me, but was up late.

L: 2 slices of ww bread (he), 2 lcel cheese to spread, fried egg in fry-light and beans. Served with a bowl of pear slices and ff yogurt.

D: Prawn curry made with syn free curry sauce, brown rice and 1/3 green beans.

S: oaty bar (3.5 syns), apple, 2 brazil nuts (2 syns)

5.5 syns today.
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Wednesday 3 November

B: Ooops..wasn't up.

L: Bacon, 1 egg, 2 slices of ww bread (he), 2 lcel (he) and beans. All served with a big bowl of fruit.

D: Chicken curry with cous cous, asparagus, green beans.

S: Banana, alpen bar (3 syns) glass white wine (6 syns) - scrap the wine, didn't fancy it so only:

3 syns today...I need to up this! :(
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Thursday 4 November

B: ff yogurt

L: 2 slices of ww bread (hex) spread with 2 lcel cheese (hex), with small can of hoops on top. I need to do a shop as I have hardly any fruit or veg in!

D: Mince and tatties - all made syn free with bovril. Served with a large portion of veg.

S: 2 Alpen bars (6 syns), plum, ff yogurt x

Weigh-in day tomorrow so fingers crossed! x
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