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Step 3 - Really struggling with the carbs


Cambridge Consultant
Hi all,

I'm now on step 3, losses have slowed to about 1-2lbs a week, but thats cool I'm happy with that.

However, have been having some fruit and small portion of carbs in the form of potatoes/pasta and I am struggling big time.

I've always been convinced I am addicted to sugar and this has just proved it. Ten minutes after eating any carbs whatsoever I am starving hungry and craving more. It has taken me all my strength not to eat 10 bars of chocolate one after the other.

I don't know if its just cause its nearly totm, but I can't do this :( Maybe its because I've left the cosy fluffyness of Ketoland, but its horrible. Sugar free jelly doesn't cut it at all.

Please help me:( lol. x
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Scottish mum, not sure what to say to help but didn't want to leave your point unanswered. I had the same problem going up to 1000 and dealing with carbs. When out of ketosis I struggled.

Others here have done it and coped. Thinking of mainstays like KD and Porgeous, but more recently Curly and Sunshine Singer, so search out their diaries and look at how they were feeling and never feel worried about PM-ing people :)


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks Liz. I'll have a look see if I can see a blog that will help.

I have a yeast problem with my skin, and I know it thrives on sugar, so part of me is terrified of feeding that too iykwim. Also whenever I have fell off the wagon before its been because of what I see in my mind as "bad nasty carbs". Does that make sense?

I'm terrified that these very small portions of nice healthy carbs are going to send me to the shop for a carrier bag full of crisps and chocs.

I know I need to do it if I'm ever to have a semblance of a normal diet again. I just need to get over it don't I? I also know that if I want to be a good cdc I've got to do it and survive it to be able to advise my clients.

Or maybe I could just live on low fat atkinsesque food forever and ever! :rolleyes:
OK I'm no oracle on this at all, but when I struggled with 1000 I saw it as a sign that I hadn't dealt with my food issues and went back to SS+ because I couldn't cope, so I'm not the best to advise. We are similar in terms of BMI though. My head set has changed a lot recently reading some of the 'head posts' lol. Bring your mind inside and your body will follow...those ones. Some of them are very long, but they make a lot of sense. I wish I had had that info/sense in the beginning!

Reading your post back I can only empathise, not give any solution to how to deal with your problem. KD and lots of other fab CDC are on here ( I remember her, as she has advised me in the past) as are people like Curly and SS who have moved up the programme and also found it hard at times.

Well done on getting to where you are, lets not forget that!


Gone fishing
Also whenever I have fell off the wagon before its been because of what I see in my mind as "bad nasty carbs". Does that make sense?
Yes, but of course, they aren't bad nasty carbs at all. Carbs are great!

It's more to do with the fact that you've come out of ketosis, rather than the carbs per se.

After all, you've had a fair few carbs in your Cambridge shakes. The fruit will be less carbs than some of the cambridge bars for instance.

Don't take offence, but some of it will be in the head too, especially if you have a fear of carbs.

BTW, you probably have protein with your potatoes and pasta, and it's a good idea to have some with the fruit. Maybe half the shake or something.

I usually try to put the two together. At least some protein if I have a carby type meal to help hunger when you aren't in ketosis.

Hang in there. It gets easier when you go up the plans and have more food :)
oh and the low fat, atkinisque food is an oxymoron, as it's a lot higher in fat than CD. Not a way of life and nor is CD. CD will get you to where you want to be and then help you through maintenance, but you have to follow the steps :)


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks to both of you, I really appreciate your advice.

You're right though, a lot of it is in my head. I was wearing a pair of size 10 trousers yesterday :D and a panic kind of set in that I don't ever want to go back to my 16's.

KD that's great advice, I'm going to try having my breakfast fruit tomorrow with the shake. Past two days I've had breakfast and then shake 1 hour later because I've been starving. Maybe this will give a better balance of carbs and protein. Great thinking! Or perhaps I'll spread it out throughout the morning.

Night all, thanks again xxx
I think that it won't take long to realise you're a size 10 and the panic won't set in, as you can't spend your life worrying about being a size 16.

Relax, you're there, make sure you're feeling healthy and looking after yourself and you newfound healthy attitude to yourself will keep you on track - that's what I'm working on.


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks Liz. I know I know...... lol. I should really get rid of all those 14-16 clothes now shouldn't I. I'm NEVER going to need them again after all ;) Got rid of the 18's a good long time ago, so I think I've been holding onto these as a security blanket.

My mum's been harping at me for hand me downs, so now's as good a time as any I suppose. Right, I'm going to do that tonight! PMA and all that!

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