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Stephe King Fans?

I used to be an avid reader of his books. (they did sometimes give me nightmares!) Also James Herbert books. His daughter was in the same year at school as my son and I used to see him at parent's evening....he looked as scary as his books :eek:
I love SK and have read a lot of his books I love Cell and Desperation but one of my favourite books of all time is The Stand...have read it at least a dozen times, I have just finished Hearts in Atlantis and soon to start his new one :)
i love sk books, i like needful things but the film was bit pants
loved green mile book and film- made me cry and i really visulised the characters some books i find really hard to get into but have read loads


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I love SK and have read a lot of his books I love Cell and Desperation but one of my favourite books of all time is The Stand...have read it at least a dozen times, I have just finished Hearts in Atlantis and soon to start his new one :)

The Stand is a bit special:). I love It too, and The Green Mile. Both It and the Green Mile were translated into fantastic films too. Who can miss out The Shining, also translated into a very scary film. I've watched it many times and it scares me still. Jack Nicholson's performance is truly chilling.

Have a look at some Dean Koontz books, particularly the Odd Thomas series. Also read his Christopher Snow series (Fear Nothing, Seize the Night).

I've read some SK. Read Carrie a couple times and saw film 2 or 3 times, Gerald's Game I've read several times, saw the shining a few times. Oh I didn't realise til there now it's only a couple books lol.

I did buy a 3-in-1 off ebay that has the shining, Carrie and something else. I liked The Green Mile and bought it on dvd.
been reading him for the best part of 25 yrs, and re-reading when i was between new books! still rate the dark tower as an amazing series, just a shame that a lot of the novels that get made into movies don't do justice to the books themselves, in my opinion.


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Favourite SK book for me would have to be Christine :D

It's a shame cos all his books are masterpieces, but the films tend to be rubbish! :D (apart from the above exceptions) ;)

The tommyknockers was a particularly bad film, but an excellent book :D
the trouble with the films a while back, they never really had much of a cast - maybe one or two names that people recognised at most. I'm still living in hope that the talisman will be filmed, but its such a long book that they may have to do a series rather than a one off film. same goes with the dark tower, would love to see that on screen!
I love his short stories as well. Like 4 past midnight. The Library Policemen is brilliant and the Langoliers.

Not as keen on his more recent stuff, so have lost some of my passion for him, although he's still my favourite author.

Prefer Peter Straub to Dean Koontz, who I couldn't get into. He's done some collaboration with SK as well.
i like the older sk stuff and the stand (unabridged version) is one of my all time fav reads and can re-read it and love the tv adaptation (even if its 7 hours long lol) i did used to like dean koontz until recently however one of sks recent ones 'the cell' i thought was fab made me think about cell phones for a bit lol


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I love The Dark Tower series, think I might go dig them all out and read them again, I really miss Roland :D. The Stand and The Long Walk are also favourites of mine
i just love the dark tower series may start reading them again if i can get the gunslinger back from the friend i lent it to

also loved the talismen
I love Stephen King and kind of grew up on him. The Stand is one of my all time favourite books. Ive read it twice now and i just didnt want it to end. You get to know the charactors so well...

I didnt like the film though. The charactors just seemed so wrong somehow, not how i imagined them to be. One of his short stories 'The Body' was made into the film 'Stand by Me' and that is one of my favourite films ( also my two sons loved it and used to watch it about once a week when they were younger)!


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I have just started to read "Under the Dome" - though at the moment cannot help thinking about the The Simpson's Movie !! lol.
I'm reading 'under the dome.' It's not grabbing me as much as his earlier stuff and I found that with Duma Key as well. This book I keep putting down and forgetting where I am or who the characters are.

I have a night in on my own on Friday, so maybe I'll carry on then. Think for me it's because I prefer the genuinely scary, whereas this is just strange.

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