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Hi guys, I need help and advice from anyone who has done VLCD, maintained, lost control, and got themselves started again.

I lost and achieved my target weight of 11.1 in April this year and maintained within a +/- 3lb target area (I got as low as 10.12 and up to 11.4) and maintained in that range for 4 to 5 months. THEN, I went on holiday.

Whilst on holiday I gained 1st. Came back, lost a few pounds (not quite all, ~4lbs left), then got notified of redundancy, and have fallen off the wagon again, putting most of the holiday weight back on again in double-quick time.

I am out of control. Although no-one would probably look at me and call me fat or probably even overweight, that is precisely what I feel and think when I see myself now.

I am currently 17lbs heavier than where I want to be, and my exercise has died as well - I was going so well with the controlled eating and the regular exercise, and I have lost the lot.

I need to get myself focused again, but I just cannot seem to do it. I have decided that the way to get the control back is to SS again, but my CDC says not, and although I try, I cannot make a single day on SS. My body is playing tricks on me. Although I am drinking 3 ltrs or more of water everyday, I am getting light-headed spells, chronic hunger pangs, cravings like never before, and at the moment I do not seem to have the strength of mind/will to control my urges.

Any suggestions/advice/guidance from anyone who has done this would be much appreciated. Even though I am still way from the 18st+ that I was when I started, I have the horrifying feeling that I am well and truly on the slippery slope and I have to get control back fast.

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Hi Steve
First of all well done for losing as much as you did.
As for advice - have you considered doing the 780 plan so that you can have "real" food whilst staying in Ketosis?
Hello buddy

My advice is definately to do 790, it is much easier to do than trying to get back on SS and the weight loss is very similar. I would then discuss with your counsellor in detail about a longer term weight maintenance plan as jumping on SS every few months is not the best plan.

My CDC is great, and she has discussed these options with me. The problem is that when I try 790 I seem to have the problem that whilst I am on the packs I am fine, but as soon as I eat something "normal", my body makes me want to eat something else ....... and as my mind is pretty much focusing on other things I think "Ah, what the hell. It's not gonna hurt".... and I eat. Before things were in uproar, and when I was exercising it really did not matter because I was burning off way in excess of what I ate .....

I need to get my head straight, and back to where I was, and I was planning to approach that my taking food out of the equation again ...... but I bow to superior knowledge and accept that it is probably the best approach to do 790.

I am gonna try to do the 790, get my focus and single-minded, selfish, approach back for a while, and beat the hell out of my inner self-destructive voice ....... I just need to find the inner strength that I had last time.

I have to ......

Sounds like you know what's going on. How easily fooled we can be when our inner voice says "what the heck".

Perhaps you could try thinking of the extras on 790 as Cambridge food rather than normal food?

Also, do a search for Diva's message (sorry...I'd find it, but I'm supposed to be doing something else). Anyway Diva did a great one on why it's more difficult 2nd time around.

It's in her bring your head in forum somewhere. Worth a search.

I also did something on the called 'chatterbox again'. A bit twee, but you might relate to some of it.

Whatever helps :)

Best of luck Steve.
Hi Steve,

It is lovely to see you again and I am very sorry to hear about the shock you must of got when you got notified of redundancy, think the best of us would of crumpled with that kind of new.

Well done for not letting it get more out of control than 17lbs.

Mike as always has very good advice and I have been there myself and falling off the wagon every other week is soul destroying and does nothing for your confidence.

I began a food diary and worked back down the steps into it and I knew by my body when I was ready again to tackle SSing.

Unlike you I have still a way to go, so I do feel Mike's plan of Step 2 790 calories and a long term strategy is the way to go.

When I get my BMI down to 25 this is the direction I am taking myself for I know I need a routine and have a plan in place or otherwise it is just so easy to lose the plot.

It takes so much hard work and determination to get the weight off it is a gift that needs looking after.

Love Mini xxx
Hey Steve - I know exactly where you're coming from, mate!! Am in that place myself right now!


We WILL NOT go back to what we once were - but it's so hard fighting it constantly, hey?

HUGS to you, fella!
Well guys - I am having good days and bad days at the moment, but I think I have turned the corner - more good days than bad days, and the bad days are not as bad as they were.

I think I have stemmed the gain, and hopefully turned the orner on my way back down again. I have started keeping a food diary coupled with feelings and thoughts, and that is helping me .....

One day at a time ....

Hi steve - missed this thread the first time round! I'm in a similar situation to you, and will be starting 2-3 weeks of SS on 15th November (doing a 250 mile bike ride in India before that), to get back to goal.

I can't offer any words of advice (so am being really helpful then!!), just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Until I started 'speaking up', I felt incredibly foolish, now I feel proud(ish, very 'ish') that I have nipped it in the bud and am not back where I started!

I agree with you, one day at a time - even named my thread that!!

Keep on keeping on, D x
I know! Race ya?!!
That may just give me the focus I need :)

Okay, for a bit of fun ...... race on!

I will not be SS though ..... 790 for me

Okay Dom;

Start Weight (9 Days Ago):
12st 1 lb

Target Weight:
10st 12 lbs

Weight To Lose:
17 lbs

Weight Today:
11st 11 lbs

Weight Lost This Week:
4 lbs
(23% Of Required Loss)

Remaining Weight To Lose:
13 lbs

Back on the road. Just need to get my exercise head back on now .....


BTW - how do I get one of these ticker thingumy-jigs?
Hi Steve,
I'm in the SAME boat as you and struggling SOOOOOOOOOOO much to get back on track-first it was ok that my size 10's didn't fit, then I bought some 12's...That was ok until I had to buy 14's the other day and NOW they're feeling tight! I really want to do SS again but starting is so darn HARD.
Mike said that doing SS every few months isn't good-can anyone let me know why? (Kassi panics-I've been doing that for the past few months!)
I went onto Amazon and had a look at quite a few books that help you with 'emothional eating' and will be buying 1 or 2 next week-I'll let you know if they're any good,
Good luck, Kassi x
What is the 790 Plan?

Hello buddy

My advice is definately to do 790, it is much easier to do than trying to get back on SS and the weight loss is very similar. I would then discuss with your counsellor in detail about a longer term weight maintenance plan as jumping on SS every few months is not the best plan.



Congratualtions for acheiveing your goal. You've succeeded where many have failed (on all diet plans), me included. You've got some good advice here.

SECONDLY Icemoose,

Please tell me about the 790 plan (you're welcome to e-mail me - save me hijacking SteveM's thread). I'm thinking of doing it to get me back on track. I don't know much about it and dont' want to contact my to ask CDC just now.

Many thanks

Hey CC;

I have not achieved my goal yet! I was there once, but over a few months I have yo-yo'd a bit and just over a week ago I have put on 17lbs. I am losing again now using the 790 (essentially 3 packs, a meal of protein/salad in the evening, and 2.25 litres of liquids) ... it works.

I will get to where I am going .....

Personally i'd say overall loss to be shown,

You took it all off you should be proud that your stepping in now! :D
Nipping it in the bud - as Dom said!