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Stick-To-It Saturday... Hour by Hour!!!


Stubborn tortoise
Anyone else planning to stay on the straight and narrow today? Let's help each other through! Weekends are usually my toughest time, as the weekday routine changes, kids are around and the temptation to go out and see friends is strong. I want to keep today a 100% day... anyone with me?

I've had my porridge and a coffee, just off to get a herby tea...
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Totally with you. Have had a glass of water this morning. Planning on getting a cup of tea, a chocolate shake and then doing some chores to keep myself busy so I don't cave and snack!


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Trish & True, thanks for being there! It's all drizzly & grey here in Scotland, yuk... not very inspiring. Dogs are refusing to be dragged out for a walk (OK, I am not dragging very hard, I admit!).

True, how have you been with the SS/teaching thing? Did you start to add a meal in, & are you feeling more settled? Great weight loss so far, so something must be working!

Trish, notice you have just 10lbs to go, I have 11lbs... are you still on SS or on a higher plan? I'm on 810 and struggling a bit, finding the last lbs the hardest to shift!



Mummy of 2!
Morning ladies, happy saturday;)

im a little worried with it being my first weekend on the diet, usuallu associate weekends with takeaways & treats. OH also has this weekend off so will be around all day eating!!!

have just had water so far going to try to hold of on my shakes until later

im in ketosis though according to ketostix!! woohoo!! its only on the 3rd colour square in but is definately pink. hopefully knowing that will help keep my mind of food today:rolleyes:
We had people in last night so had a few nibbles and too many vodkas! Had to have a slice of toast this morning but hoping to stick to it today.
Where are you Katycakes? My wee part of Scotland is lovely and sunny today so hoping when OH gets up we can do some work in the garden today.
Going to try really really hard today. I've done brill at work but struggled every night when i come home. Dont think i will have lost this week unless i can get really focussed between now and Monday. I'm gaining and losing the same couple of pounds just now.
Morning Miss Cakes!

count me in today!
I had my first SS+ meal last night and have to say I bloody loved it... yummy! Just hope to god my losses stay as good as they have so far. Still didn't really want to do the + but was advised by CDC to do it.

D x


Stubborn tortoise
Dana, I'm sure you'll be fine on SS+ - it will be good for your body maybe as well? Your cdc must have a reason for this and although I know you can go for long stretches on SS, I had a break after 5 weeks for Xmas (went up to SS+) and then after another 5 weeks of SS went up again to SS+ & then 810, where I still am. On 810 I stayed the same for a while, but my body seemed to adjust and then I lost 5lbs one week & 1lb last week, hoping for more to follow!!!

Molly, greetings to you in the sunny kingdom of fife from the drizzly galloway hills... I bought a rhubarb plant, a lupin & snakeshead fritillary yesterday in the hopes of a bit of gardening, but no... not today, anyway! Where are you in Fife, I once lived in Tayport for a short while!

Amyeve, the family treats are exactly what make my weekends a challenge, and some friends are staying in the next village so a night out threatens... just wondering if I can avoid the pub and have coffees in the house... easier to say no to a few biccies than to sit for hours with a fizzy water while everyone else gets hammered! Boys to pub, girls stay in... not sure how they'll like that idea!!!
Hi. Have increased to 5 packs a day including bars and tetras now. Had a discussion with my CDC and that's the decision we made. Going to make such a go of it this week!

I don't usually struggle on the weekend but am going to the shops today to get some shoes (shopping yay!) and the cakes and pies will beckon! I will be strong and say no.

Tetras and bars will save me!


Stubborn tortoise
I LOVE the bars and couldn't do without them... never like the tetras, alas. But a bar is a lifesaver when you are out and about! (Step away from the pies!!!)

I think that 5 packs is an inspired idea, and hope it really helps. What do you teach? I used to teach art up until 2 years ago, still miss it sometimes!
Hi ladies, feel pretty down today! Dating at the same time as doing this diet was apparently not the greatest of ideas hehe.

Especially when it boils down to a weight issue, I'm not sure how several dates in including kissing, cuddling etc someone can suddenly decide to not find you attractive? I thought that was what the first date was about! It hurts even more when they say your a lovely guy, perfect etc makes me hate myself for being fat even more! :(


Stubborn tortoise
Poogatch, that's rotten... but if the chemistry wasn't there for her, it's better to know now I guess. Pity she didn't say at the start, but... at least she has been honest now. Wait till you are lean and hunky, you'll be fighting off the gals! This has to hurt, but you mustn't let it derail you... the CD journey is all about you, and it's a tough journey, but worth it.

Hang on in there.
aww hugs poogatch :hug99:

sorry to be cliche, but if she is someone who treats someone like that and is so undeciscive then she's not someone you wanna be with anyway eh?!

Dont be down on yourself though - its not you, its her ;):8855:
Thanks for the kind words, it's really weird but I think I might actually be relieved, like i was settling for someone just because I wanted "something". Being my weight I've not really had anyone for a while, never really felt worthy of anyones attention :) I guess I was clinging on to the idea of just being with someone, rather than her? who knows :)

Even more incentive to make this work i guess though!!
I know Tayport fairly well! I'm just outside Cupar. My brother lives in Dumfries, I really like it down there. We're going down there in a couple of weeks to see him and his family, I always think there is so much to do. When the kids were younger they loved going to Mabie Farm Park.


Stubborn tortoise
Poogatch, you will get through... as Amyeve says, she wasn't good enough for you. And the right girl is out there somewhere... you'll find her! So many of us have/have had self-esteem issues, too... it's linked to the weight, but not ALL about that. It's worth learning to like yourself the way you are, to get to know the real you and find some confidence inside, so that when you reach target you can be fab both outside & in. Keep smiling... it really will get better.

Molly, was only in Tayport six months but happy memories! Worked in Dundee back then. Dumfries is our nearest town, but not very near... about 45 mins drive away... what age are your kids now, then? I've two teens, age 15 & 16.
Bit younger than yours. One daughter is 14 and other daughter is 12 in April. Their Dumfries cousins are 13, 12 and 10 so they are all close and when they were small we saw a lot of them but school and all their activities make it harder now.
Still doing well so far today. Not had any packs yet but not enough water either better get glugging or my indulgence last night will become a hangover very shortly!!


Stubborn tortoise
Oh, don't know how you can do without packs so long!!! I am hopeless. Had my porridge and a bar already. Also, friends staying in the village just rang & my great idea of staying in for a coffee rather than hitting the pub later quickly bit the dust... so a challenging evening ahead!

You mentioned you were sticking/ yo-yo-ing on last few lbs... it seems to get harder, doesn't it? Are you on SS? I am on 810 but struggling with it!


Doing it for keeps now!!
hey poogatch! Keep the faith sir! What you need is to be with someone for the joy of being with them, and not because it's just someone to be with....I know I've been there myself! You are losing the weight because that's what YOU need to do for you....and when you are ready you'll begin the attract the right kinda girl for you...because your inner confidence will shine through....
Now I know that sounds all wooly and "Life Coachy", but believe me....I'm going through something similar...although not love life, but work life and I am trying to turn myself around too! At the end of the day it starts with me and ends with me...If I'm a happy bunny inside...then that will project onto others....and stuff those that don't see it! :p
I allways suffer any morning rumblings and wait till lunch for my first pack. I find the evening much harder to ignore than the morning so fid it a good trade off.

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