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Sticking to it - a green day dieters diary

Hi everyone :wavey:

I am new to the forum but not new to Slimming World. I have been on the diet since the beginning of November 08.

I started at 11.4 and I am now 10.2 my goal weight is 9 stone as this was when I looked my best and was at my healthiest.

I seem to have hit a plateau - I have been hovering around ten stones the last few weeks and it is really getting me angry! Every week it is either 1/2 pound on or off. This last week I have been frustrated so resorted to several takeaways :mad:

I am determined not to put it all back on so I signed up here to motivate me and keep a food diary. I am going to try and stick to green days 100% (don't eat meat anyway) Hopefully I will gain support from the members here and also meal ideas-seem to have the same old-quorn chilli, pasta n sauce, jacket n beans, mugshots, mullers every week! Please feel free to add any quick and simple green recipes that will keep me on track. Will begin the diary tomorrow - heres to a new start! :angel09:
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Monday 16th March

Brekkie: 1 weetabix (he exb) and milk (he ex a) - usually have 2 but was in a rush :eek:

Snack - peach muller light

Lunch: 1 jacket potato with scoop of beans

Hopefully I will have the following this afternoon:

Dinner: Quorn chilli (made with all free foods) and rice

Snack: red grapes

Later on I made butternut squash soup (all free foods) with 2 slices nimble (He ex b)
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I'm "Liannioso", I'm half way there too, I think my target is about 9'10 as like you say is what I was when I was my happiest weight wise. I'll keep looking in to see how you're doing. I'm hoping to shift all mine by the end of May.

Good luck x
Hey Liannioso - thanks for the reply! I'm hoping to get there by the summer but I'm unsure if I will - finding it hard to get under ten stone. Let me know how you get on as well-I'm sure we will spur each other on :)
Tuesday 17th March

Brekkie - Handful of grapes :eek:

Snack - Peach muller light

Lunch - Butternut squash soup (made with free foods recipe on here) 2 slices wholemeal nimble (he ex b)

Dinner - quorn chilli with rice. Grating of cheese (he ex a)

I know I will have a snack later- will update when I know what it is!

1 digestive biccy 3.5 syns
1 sweet potato- free
1 can diet coke - free

Arrgh ruined it by having a slice of dominos the OH brought home- can't find out the syns but it had meat on so even though it was only one slice I'm guessing a lot :(
Why can't I resist food on a night!?

Doesn't seem like I'm having much at brekkie these days :confused:
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Hi, where are your syns? Don't you have any at all? Also, you don't seem to have an awful lot of fruit and veg or is there veg in your quorn chilli? I pile my plate up with veg or salad alongside whatever else i'm eating and find it does help.
It's just a thought but maybe concentrate on eating extra fruit and veg and a bigger breakfast, you never know it may help.
Good luck! x
Hi! There is red pepper, onion and mushrooms in the chilli and also butternut squash, carrots, sweet potato and onions in the soup.
If I am having a jacket tend to have lots of salad with that but forgot to buy some salad in this week :eek:

I try to have little syns as poss but do use them if I need them-tend not to have synned food in the house though :confused:

Yes! Going to start deffo having 2 weetabix in morning and a muller when I get to work - thanks for advice!!
Wednesday 18th March

Brekkie: two weetabix (he ex b)with milk (he ex a)

Snack: Peach muller light

Lunch: Butternut squash soup (as before) and 2 slices nimble (he ex b)
1 medium sized choc cookie (with orange zest in) from school canteen - does anyone know this syn value to this? Tried syns online but can't find it was larger than a normal cookie. I'm guessing around 6/7 :confused:

Dinner: Slimming world chips, 2 eggs, beans.

Snack: 20 cola bottles -10 syns :(
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Thursday 19th March

Brekkie: weetabix (he ex b) and milk (he ex a)

2 roses - 5 syns
Strawberry muller - free

Lunch: Butternut squash soup (as before) 2 slices nimble (he ex b)

Dinner: all you can eat curry buffet!!! flexible syns tonight

Going to WI before curry so let you know how I get on. Definitely put on though as only just started back on the plan properly and had a BAD week last week
Maintained!! :) so happy I can now get back on track properly
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Friday 20th March

Brekkie: choc&orange Hi Fi bar (he ex b)

Snack: Peach Muller light- free

Lunch: jacket with 1 scoop beans and salad-free
2 small raisin cookies from school canteen- syns???​

Snack: smash and beans! free was hungry when I got in from work
Dinner- spag bol made with everything free except using extra lean mince instead of quorn (he ex b)

Another Hi-Fi bar (6 syns)
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Saturday 21st March
Brekkie: 6 roses chocs 15 syns argh! :mad:

Lunch: beans on toast (he ex b)

Dinner: quorn chilli on jacket with salad (free)

Going out drinking tonight so going to have to use flexi syns as I eat the roses this morning!! :copon:Going to try and stick to vodka and diet coke or gin and tonic