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Still craving, is this normal?

Im getting worried. I am 2 weeks from refeeding and 8 weeks into LT.

My cravings are strong. I mean really strong and I seem to be wanting things like pizza, cheese, pasta. Last time I got to this point it was things like tuna and broccoli but I dont seem to be 'feelin it'.

Any advice? Im scared to refeed incase I shovel lots of rubbish back into me. :cry:

I dont want to end up back at square 1
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Positivity is the key
Hi Becki,
you got to remember these are head cravings not actual hunger so when you come off this you need to tell yourself that. It takes 4 minutes for a craving to pass so find something else to do for that time and you will forget about it. Go on the refeeed and maintenance threads and see how people deal with it, you are strong, you will be fine.
Oh goodness! I'm still getting cravings but I'm only beginning week three and they've settled a lot. Have you said to your chemist? Could it be a blood sugar thing -craving carbs?

Maybe when you're off it you could follow a weight watchers type plan. And allow yourself these things -but ONLY A LITTLE! And always with generous sides of veg. It must be frightening for you, I'm sorry I'm no help but feel so bad for you!!

You've done brilliantly to get so far struggling with these cravings though so well done. You've resisted them on TFR youcan resist them on refeed!

I still get cravings (I will think about a cheese sandwich at least five times a day, hehe). But, maybe yours are to do with being so close to re-feed? You know you're going to eat in the near future now, so it could just be to do with that. As BlackRose said, something like WW might be a good idea for a while so you've got some guidelines for portion control?

last time I was on Lt I never wanted food after the first week. Until the day I planned the date for my refeed from that day it was terrible all I thought about was eating. Sorry not much help but perhaps its more worrying because you know the times come to eat rather than craving

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