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still going strong

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well i have got through the worst day since i began on Lighter life - my best friends wedding yesterday.
It was a beautiful wedding,lovely day and great people but i sat on the top table sipping fizzy water and watched 55 people guzzle their way through a 3 course meal then wedding cake and 2 hours later a large buffet was served (the wedding was at 4pm)
I have since decided if i can get through that then i can get through anything .
I have now lost a grand total of 1 stone 9.1 pounds in 4 weeks and have another weigh in on thursday night so fingers crossed
To anyone reading this who are just starting - keep going you can do it!:)
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Hi Boris

Your post just struck a huge cord with me!

I am to be a bridesmaid at a wedding in 7 weeks & having only started my LL journey last week I will still be well in foundation stage.. I was only thinking about the dilemmas of all the food & drink last night & to be honest How the hell I was going to get through the day & night!

So perhaps it is fate that I should stumble across your post, the first I have read this morning, while on a search for inspiration..

And you know what I think you may be right. I can do it..

of course you can do it! anyone can once you realise that it may not be easy just drink loads of water ,remember why you arent eating and you will be so proud of yourself when you have managed it


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Well done boris!!! That is an amazing achievment!!

Good luck Sarah, I'm sure u will stay strong and look stunning x
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Well done Boris for staying so strong. The end result will be worth it. I am on week 15 of foundation now and near the end of my weight loss journey but I too have been to a wedding, numerous weekends away with hubby, a big weekend away in a cottage with the girls which I was in charge of the food for, and of course the normal nights out with friends etc. I have stayed abstinent the whole way through and I'm incredibly proud of myself - as should you be.

Keep up the good work.


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Well done, it is moments like that, that show you your own strength! The journey is worth it so keep up the good work!

Thanks to everyone for your replies it all really helps loads x I am now starting week 8 and have lost 2 stone 8half pounds!! cant seem to change my ticker (forgot my pin) Still going strong and really seeing the benefits this week.
Still have my moments but will not be wavering at all - after all whats the point in cheating ? it would only be cheating myself and spoil all the hard work and effort i have put into this.
The only thing that is starting to worry me is the thought of eating again - i have this dream where its like the nutty professor i eat one meal and wake up like Jabba the hut!!!! scary
Well to all new starters i wish you all well and keep going as it is well worth every minute
i will keep you all posted as the weeks go by


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Hi boris. Well done on your weight loss so far!!! Don't worry about eating again until you get there. Concentrate on abstenance first. RTM will be there to get you through the rest.

Stay strong xxx
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Hi Boris, Thats absolutely brilliant!!! I am just starting week 3 and am struggling a bit. Its the mental hunger I find hard to cope with, I just want to eat something - I think its the action of eating Im missing. Anyway, reading your post has made me realise that it can be done. An amazing achievement!:)
Hi Janie
I know its hard and i have continuously struggled with the mental side of missing eating a proper meal . Its not hunger as the packs do satisfy you but its the battle that goes on in your head all the time that is difficult.
All i can say is stick to it -watch the weight just start to fall off and i know you will get there
Keep me posted x

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