Still on the way down


Guess whos back...
Well after my previous post of being bad and eating for 2weeks over Xmas and NY i was expecting to have gained weight at my WI today, but since i rejoined SS this past weekend and got back on track i have still lost 1.5lb since before Xmas, so considering eating for 2weeks i am very pleased with that. Great also that i have got straight back into SS no problem, not even had cravings or hunger amazingly, just stopped eating weekend and got my packs back out..

Roc n Roll

Just noticed also i am grams away form moving from "morbidly obese" to plain old "obese" as i started out at BMI of 51 :eek: and currently sitting at a hugely improved 40.1 :)

Seeing figures like that shows it can be done and it works! So anyone thinking of starting CD, go for it, jump aboard me train.............
Way to Go Lee!

So pleased to hear you were able to have a fab Christmas AND regain control after. Knowing how difficult it can be to get that control back, I'm really impressed that you've done it so well. What a star! :)
Well Done Lee

So glad you got back on track so easily.

A real achievement but somehow I new you'd do it!

Dizzy x