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Still plodding on and feeling fat! ...


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Help help help help

Fell off ... Tried to get back on on thursday, fell off .. Tried to get back on on Friday, fell off .. Tried to get back on today, fell off. Have all intentions of getting back on tomorrow but have no faith in myself!

I feel so much better when I'm low carbing so why have I fallen off?

A very desperate jools xxx
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Jools said:
Have all intentions of getting back on tomorrow but have no faith in myself!
I think you answered your own question here. If you believe you can't do it, then you won't. Your head needs to be in the right place to be able to stay on track on any diet.

Have a think about your goals and how important they are and decide whether you want to do this right now. If you do then get on the wagon and stat there - no excuses - and within a couple of weeks the losses should be paying off enough to keep you going.


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
I keep falling off the wagon too. Then I go and try a liguid diet to kick start, then I fall off that wagon too. It can be soooooo hard sometimes, but if you can try to maintain, just being a bit bad is not too bad.

Just dust your self off and climb aboard again, it will click again, just keep trying, YOU WILL DO IT!!!!!
aw, it's not easy if your head is not in the right place. you need to find that 'switch' and click it.

stay close to us, we'll help motivate you!


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Were you hungry? I never find myself hungry on this diet and there so many things that I can eat that I'm just not that bothered about the things I can't. Perhaps if you try experimenting with some of the recipes it would motivate you more.
Stick with us, we are all here for you.
Thanks for the comments peeps.

I wasn't hungry at all ... Just ate.

I was totally in the zone and doing fab, feeling fab and I just don't understand why I fell off.

Trying again today. Once I can get back in the zone I will do it. I'm gonna go out today and get the ingredients to make mims.

Jools xx
you must post every hour !!! that ll keep you away from food ...........break your day down in to thirds ie morning , afternoon , evening and pat your self on your back after each third xx
Lol chick that made me giggle.

Have had bacon egg mushrooms n cheese for brekkie. Off now to get some stabilisers for my boys bikes then we are taking them for a huge walk!

Have a lovely day ... Will report back later! Lol

Jools xx
So far so good. Been out most of the day.

Just come home and had salad leaves with a little grated cheese. Then my first ever sugar free jelly with double cream. Magnificent!

Have pulled a pork chop out of the freezer for later with veg.

Hope you ate enjoying the sunshine.

Jools xx
YAY glad your feeling better hunnie.

Falling off hurts ;), but well done U on picking yourself up and getting back on.

For me it just happens sometimes, too many years of bad eating I suppose.

Onward and downward (with the weight) LOL
you is a clever girl xx
im the same.....then getting passed a barrier (ie getting into the next stone bracket) grates me sooo much that eventually i actually stick to what i know i SHOULD be doing.....its that switch in you r head hun.....mine just gets stuck on off a lot lol
I've fallen off good style this weekend...getting to be a bit of a habit....grrr....must try harder next weekend!
You have to get your head in the right place first Jools love
Im there Jim.

Back on track and looking forward to day 2 again.

Ive no idea why I came off track tbh! I was doing so well then just ate! Oh well damage is done. Didn't weigh myself this week because I could feel that I had gained.

Jools xx

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