Still slimmer of the week if you didn't stay?


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What Allie said. You can only win SOTW if you lost or maintained the previous week and got the biggest loss this week. First week losses are not counted.


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Last night our C gave the fruit basket and sticker to a friend of the person who won it to give to her because she didn't stay. Must admit I did think to myself that it wasn't quite fair but hey ho, she still won it I guess x


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In our group the person who won gets the sticker and certificate next time they come to group.
The basket would be a second raffle prize, but as we haven't done the raffle for a while, we nominate someone in the group to have it. Maybe someone who's been struggling or needs a boost.


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our class is the same if the sow, doesn't stay, the fruit basket is raffled of, and the person gets there cert the next week:D


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In my group it's always someone who stays at class, did have a different consultant once when usual one was on holiday and she raffled it off, but there was only about 8 of us that stayed and think we all had gains.