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Still undecided- can anyone help me decide?


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Okay, I've hmmmed & Haaaaed for a week or so now. I get the results of my annual medical on Tuesday so will know if my thyroid meds are keeping me stable. If they are, then I should be able to try this diet. I have 2 1/2-3 stone to lose?
My dilemma- I don't want anyone to know? I can manage this probably during the week, I eat at different times to my Hubby, but lunch will be a dilemma as I work from my parents home & have lunch with my Mum. I was thinking of saying the Doc has advised me to cut out bread & dairy from my diet for a few weeks- that'll give me an excuse to have the soup then, but what if I get a hard time for not having a salad or something? Weekends shouldn't be a problem as mealtimes are all over the place as I'm out & about?
My family all know I have weight issues, but I've been on a low-cal healthy diet (under dieticians supervision) for over 6mths, walking 3 miles in 40mins 4-5 times a week, and not losing an ounce! I weigh everything, and eat all the 'right' foods, but nothing is happening. My dietician is baffled (& told me to carry on & return in 6mths- I don't think so, useful as a chocolate teapot!) so I thought this diet might be the kick in the ass my system needs? Anyone have any words of advice/wisdom?
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Deffinately do it... but i think you should tell your family.. explain to them your reasons, and that althought they may not agree with it, its only short term, and for your own health and happiness you would really apprecaite there support...

Its hard enough this diet, without the support of those who love u



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They are very supportive of me dieting 'conventionally'- it's the total meal replacement thing they'd be against? Unless I say that my GP has 'prescribed' it for a few weeks as nothing else is working? They know my saga so just might believe that? My Hubby won't be very happy at all though?


My husband = My hero
WEell if u tell him how unhappy u r hunni, and how this diet works so well and is very quick, so really would only be 6 weeks max.. and just tell him all teh reasons u want to do it im sure u canwin him over... u really do need emotional support though i think...

if not, tell a huge porky and say Doc has reccomended it, and sent u to a checmist each week were they check your BP and everything.. he cant argue with that lol

Best of luck sweetness i know how difficult it is, but your doing it for you and no one else xxxx


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He knows how unhappy I am, its just he's seen me do all the other 'faddy' diets out there and is likely to lump this in with them. If he thinks its under my GP's supervision and am being monitored though it might work- short-term?


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I recommend this diet. You will shed pounds like as if you were pooping it out LOL.

It is best that you tell your family though. Yes they will say whatever it takes for you notto do it. But maybe what you can do, is take your parents or hubby with you to the chemist and they go through the whole process of LT. If they learn about the science behind this diet, they may have a change of thought.
When i first mentioned to my hubby about lipoing he was dead against it but we made an arrangement that he would come with me to the pharmacy, speak to the pharmacist and ask as many quesions as he liked. (he asked loads)!!!!!! He was more than happy with what he found out and whenever anyone asked about my tfr, he would chirp up all about it and congratulate me and how fab I was doing. Tell him hun, it will make it so much easier on you when you start the tfr if you have someone that understands what your going throu. xx


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I think what I might do is say that my GP has suggested that I could try this diet that is only 'prescribed' to obese people who nothing else is working for. I'll get the DVD and ask him to watch it with me. Whether he does or not, I'll tell him that I really want to give it a go for a few weeks to see if it helps? I have around 3st to lose so (hopefully) I'll see the benefits sooner rather than later and convince him that it'll be okay to stay on it until I get to target? I'm afraid he'll dig his heels in and be totally against it though, then he'll be keeping an eye out to make sure I don't do it anyway!
I have two functions coming up- one in 2wks, and one in 6wks, where not eating/drinking isn't an option, so I wouldn't start it until then I think? I have a family wedding in June (roughly 10wks later?) that will be my next 'function' after that, but I'd hope to be nearly at target by then- if all goes to plan?


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I would defo try this diet honey! :)

And as for not letting anyone know - i think thats a bad idea!!
You shouldnt feel like you have to hide anything from anybody - let alone your family. Tell them straight, dont make excuses and lies and if they dont like it tell them to lump it.

You are doing this diet for you and nobody else! Don't worry what others think - all that matters is that you are doing something about your weight and that should be enough to shut anyone up :)
Have you spoken to your doctor about it.. do you know if the meds will effect ketosis...?
In my opinion you have to be reallly sure about this diet, as for the first weeks or so it takes some amount of willpower.. and i really think it will be especially hard if you are concealing it from the people you are in contact with daily... I have had to rely on support from my other half hugely... you have to show him the dvd so he understands the diet.. and so you do too... having thyroid problems can be a brick wall in any diet.. and i am sure i read somewhere that some thyroid medication will react with ketosis so you have to have the all clear from your doctor.. good luck with whatever you decide x
I agree with all the other lovely ladies here. I sat down with my family, explained that I was unhappy with my weight and that I wanted to go on a drastic diet to help. They all asked lots of questions about it, and I explained that I would need their help and encouragement. They have been brilliant - I've had no heckling from them, and they have all been excited about my weight loss as I have - even my son has complimented me about my smaller size now!! I havent' told anyone else though, and manage to dodge any work lunches etc. It's not too hard to do, and because work people see you every day, they don't notice the loss. Go for it!!
I to suffer from hypothyroid and have done for the last 12 years!! In all that time my weight has fluctuated but going up to 17stone was defo my heaviest.. Over the years my meds hav gradually increased and anaemia has also been a major problem. I hav tried lots of different diets and exorcises, but not till i began lipotrim hav i felt so well!! I hav lost 26lbs in 5 weeks and it has been hard at times,but well worth it. My skin is glowing the dryness which is asso with hypothyroid is gone, my joints hav stopped aching and i dont feel tired or rundown at all(which has been a problem on so many diets). I wish i had known about lipotrim years ago before my weight became a serious health issue.. As for family friends or work colleagues , when they ask why is it i look so good?(and plenty do) i cant wait to tell them about lipotrim.. Im a nurse so feel like i can give a fairly good explanation of how the diet works and so far noone has been negative about it!! How can they when i am walking around as lite as air!!! So go ahead start asap and be a walking advertisement for the benifits of the lipotrim diet!! Good luck...


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I to suffer from hypothyroid and have done for the last 12 years!! I hav tried lots of different diets and exorcises, but not till i began lipotrim hav i felt so well!! I hav lost 26lbs in 5 weeks and it has been hard at times,but well worth it. My skin is glowing the dryness which is asso with hypothyroid is gone, my joints hav stopped aching and i dont feel tired or rundown at all(which has been a problem on so many diets). Good luck...
Thats reassuring to hear? I've read on different forums of people with hypo doing this diet so I figured I'd be okay to go ahead? Did you have to get your GP's okay? The meds haven't helped with my 'symptoms' at all (crappy skin, tiredness etc.) so I guess they're not helping me much apart from keeping my numbers down!

I sat down with my Hubby last night and told him that my GP had told me of this strict medically monitored diet that I could try if I felt like it would work. I explained that it was mainly used for people who needed to lose weight to have surgeries or for health reasons, or in extreme cases- for people who had tried everything else and it hadn't worked. I said that I had a DVD that explained what it entailed and he could watch it with me if he liked. He gave me a big hug, and told me that I was beautiful, and he couldn't understand why I was so annoyed about my weight, but if I wanted to give it a try then he was okay with it- as long as it was short-term? He pi**ed himself laughing when I told him I couldn't drink AT ALL on it, but I only go out every 6-8wks or so, so it's no big hardship! Git! (he's a honey really!:D) I've said that I'll watch the DVD and think about it, but I wouldn't be starting it until after the wedding in 6wks. I'm still thinking about it, but leaning towards it more now I know he'll support me?
Thanks everyone for your advice.:)


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hi, well if i can be any help, i was on LT for 5 weeks and losted 6 inches of my waist and 2st 10lbs in weight. I Quit cause it was too dear and could not afford it anymore. I went to the moy and was costing for a male £58.00 per week.

ANYWAY....that diet is great..if you stick to it and drink 2lts of water a day (which is easy) you will do great.
On the water thing people will say drink 3,4,5 litres a day. If you drink 2lts a day thats enough with black tea or coffee.

The first week is your biggest loss always around 10lbs to 14lbbs, then after that 3,4,5,6lbs a week.


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Thats a great loss! Have you kept it off okay then?

It'll cost me £44 per week if I go for it- expensive, but hopefully I won't need it for long!
I drink 2-3 litres of water a day anyway so that won't be a problem!
Hi irishmum! In answer to your question, no i didnt have to get my gp's ok to start the diet. I researched it myself on the internet on its effectiveness in reducing weight in people with hypo and it was all good.(to be honest i have no faith wot so eva in my gp anyway!) i again discussed it with the pharmicist who in my opinion hav a better knowledge of medication usuage. Things got so bad for me last year b4 starting or even being aware of this diet that i was put on meds for anxiety and depression, which i am now weaning off so all in all this has been the best thing for me in the fight with obesity!!


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Ahhh...thats brilliant! I agree with you about GPs & pharmacists. My GP has freely admitted he doesn't know much about thyroid problems and just put me on a dose he 'thought' would bring my numbers into the normal range! (His advice on my problems losing weight- join WW! Er...been there, done it all!!! LOL!) I've read a few times that this has worked for people with thyroid issues that aren't losing even though they're on the right dosage so I was kind of hoping that means it'd work for me too? Can you tell I still need convincing it'll work! Its just I really have tried everything else and it was down to this or CD (which isn't available anywhere near me), and the fear of it screwing with my already damaged metabolism was holding me back- but now I feel I've nothing to lose- except the extra weight hopefully!

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