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Still waiting..... (& a credit for Ice Moose!)


has started again!!
Emailed my CDC, who said she'd be happy to have me back, just to let her know what my order would be. I replied a week ago, with my restart order, but no reply!! I re-emailed last night, and I am hoping she will get in touch soon.

So, just to let you know I am still waiting for my big restart, hoping it will be soon. I am avidly reading your posts and gaining confidence each day from all the positive stories here.

As an aside, got my weekly email from Ice Moose today, all about beneficial intent. At the end he relays a tale about being asked what the benefit was in being as large as he was. After reading his reply, I wondered if there was a reason ( a benefit, if you like) for me regaining so much weight. I thought hard and my answer was that I use(d) my fat as a security blanket, to hide me from the world and to take the blame when things went wrong (ie the benefit). When I became more normal in size, and my personal life went completely hay wire, I could not blame it on being fat any more. Rather than seek out the real reason for my problems, I swiftly and easily regained the weight and then became the invisible fat woman once again.

Now I have had this eureka moment, I feel I will be better able to cope with life, slim or otherwise. My DH & I are really working hard on our issues, and if things do go wrong again, I will know that it isnt my fat to blame. I feel stronger and more able to cope with both this diet (when I eventually restart) and life in general. Thanks Mike!
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Good Luck Sez
Think you have well and truly hit the nail on the head, by seeing why you do something you are better able to change.Hope your CDC contacts you soon, i can see you are really buzzing to get started, and your head is in the right place :talk017:


Queen of the Damned
Loved the email from Mike :clap: and yes, I am considering the benefits in where I am at the moment....


in this to win!..
Good Luck!!:D


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Good luck Sez!

Love Mini xxx

To add to the newsletter I would actually do three benefit questions.

1. What is the benefit of being slim and healthy (the easy question!)

2. What is the benefit of being big

3. What is the benefit of not being slim

For me the benefit of being overweight was that I perceived I was some sort of tough guy that couldn't be touched as I was big and hard, but the reality was very different.

There was also a benefit for me in not being slim, I always used my weight as a defence mechanism and hence when I was slim I couldn't blame it on that anymore and hence if someone didn't like me, or I wasn't good at something then it suddenly was about me.

The thing I was glad about was that the actual benefit of being slim was soooooo much more eventually that I did something about it.
I got my email too and honestly couldnt of come on a better day as I was on day 1 of CD and reading through it I was asking myself a lot of qustions as well as to why I am fat - yes i piled the weight on with my children and didnt bother to lose it, from lazyness - no i could of lost it but when i was slim i got a lot of attention from men - always the worng ones and got hurt badly each time. It has been easier to stay fat and not have them look in my direction once. I was a very weak easily led person then. Im not anymore and I know now i can tell them where to go now.
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Heya, I have just subscribed to Mike's newsletters thanks to this thread. Sounds like todays installation was very helpful so I look forward to receiving my first one! Thanks for bringing it to my attention :) xxx


Queen of the Damned
Heya, I have just subscribed to Mike's newsletters thanks to this thread. Sounds like todays installation was very helpful so I look forward to receiving my first one! Thanks for bringing it to my attention :) xxx
There's an archive of the previous newsletters as well :clap:
Good luck with your restart Sez :)
Are you going to try and call your CDC?

I didn't realise Mike did newsletters...where do we sign up?

Have put the old ones on www.nowillpowerrequired.co.uk

On the bottom of that page you can subscribe where the text goes blue (newsletters are in orange!)

Hope they help



Loves being slim!
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I've had the past 3 newsletters, brilliant! (I love the fact I read it on a saturday, the day when I'm most likely to crack, as I'm not so busy!)
Reading other peoples comments, it sounds like I'm not the only one!
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Oooh have just read through the archives... very interesting and insightful!!! And so very true, I have to say Mike I have a massive sense of admiration for how far you have come and the way you are now using your experiences to benefit the lives of others. Huge respect to you sir!



has started again!!
Still no sign of CDC! :( Dont like to ring in case something wrong, she has always replied promptly before.)

Still hanging on in there & low carb starts tomo whether I hear or not!

Great positivity on here really keeps me going!

Thanks all!!
Hiya Sez

Give her a call tomorrow, she probably just had a computer glitch or maybe is away in which case she may have an answerphone message explaining all.


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