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still worried, need a kicking!!!

:wave_cry:Hi everyone, you probably already know thisas I have already said it about a thousand times! I didnt loose anything last Friday on my weigh in :cry:I cant believe how much this has affected me, I ve been in a shocking mood since then and really really worried about this week.
I uped my water. I am panicing that I wont loose anymore weight before I have to refeed in 3 and a half weeks!!!:eek:
This week there is no weigh in on Friday so going a day early on Thursday so I'll either be celebrating or crying into my shake!!!!!! I just cant believe how down I feel about it as I was so motivated by my weight loss just one week of no loss has really bothered me.
Sorry everyone for my moan!! :break_diet:
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Dont worry about panicking, after having no loss last week its only natural that you will be worried incase it happens again. Try not to fret, it could have been anything from TOTM, or just typically hormonal that caused the weight fluctuation.

I am sure you will be screaming with delight when you get weighed on Thursday. I am looking forward to seeing your results.


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Aw hun, try not to worry too much- you're BOUND to have lost this week- the laws of biology will be thrown into chaos if you don't! Keep doing what you're doing- drink plenty, make sure you have all your shakes, and I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised!
I have lost both weeks so far, but last week I was convinced I wouldn't have lost anything, but ended up 4lbs down! I'm feeling the same about this week- despite drinking gallons of water and sticking (almost!) 100% to LT. I'm sure there'll be weeks when I'll have little/no loss- but I see on here that most people have weeks like that, and bounce back the next week as long as they stick at it?


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Hiya Florida Girl, dont worry bout havin a moan, thats one of the reaons for this site isnt it? Think thats y all the BF's dont mind us girlies comin on here as it stops us moanin at/to them lol! I expect u will be fine this wk as looking at others weight losses, sometimes they haven't lost, but they always bounce back (no pun intended there ;)). Lookin forward to ur results, ill be thinkin of u (got mine thursday to instead of friday)! GOOD LUCK xxx


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Hey up. Dont worry about moaning on here. I have only done this two weeks and think i have been on everyday moaning. But thats what we all come on here for isnt it. Just think about the support you have offered to others on here.

Anyway keep ur chin up till your next weigh in it will be fine.

ps. Kirsty love the smilie eating the chocolate rabbit. Its soooo me LOL.
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Moan all you like darling, I would be too. If you have, hand on heart, stuck to it religiously, then you WILL drop the pounds. Roll on Thursday.

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