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Stomach Ache....Normal?

Hey all

Well I'm on day 2 of Atkins from a VLCD and last night I had tummy ache after eating my dinner, and again tonight I do :(

Last night I had chicken in bacon, and roasted mushrooms and asparagus. Tonight I had chicken curry (Bit of cream, onions, mushrooms and spices) and cauliflower rice.

My meals have not been very big because i can not eat that much these days, so its not because I have over eaten.

I'm also worried as i weighted myself and have put on a few lbs. I'm just sitting here feeling guilty now for eating, which I know is so silly.

Any advice is welcome.

Thank you xxx
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I can't really advise, but maybe it's because you are eating real food again love?
yes probably veggies hon - give it time you will get used to it. Im sure it isnt right for these meal replacement diets - its not natural surely (sorry if I offend). Its definately not something i could possibly do.
Yeah, I felt nauseated and bloated after eating for several days. Don't worry about the weight gain D - that happens to a lot of people, it'll even out as you get used to Atkins.
Thank you. Im feeling much better today. I weighed myself this morning and I have put on 0.5lbs if that, so Im happy. Im just going to eat small portions and let my body get use to eating again. I checked Ketosis this morning and I am definitely in it, so again all positives.

Vicky not offence taken, they are very hard going.

D xxx


Clean green leafy machine
And drink lots of water LittleMiss :)
Yes I lost 16lbs in 2 weeks, so I was pleased with the results, but I could not live like that for a long time. My hubby hated not being able to sit down for a meal together. He likes this one :)

Im on the water as I type :) xxx
I had the tummy aches the first week of Atkins also but they eased off after that and none since .I did suffer from IBS in the past but as Jim says it was my body getting used to fresh wholesome foods after eating processed crap for so long .The good news is since starting Atkins i have not had a bout of IBS and i consider myself cured once i stick to the Atkins way of life

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